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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by russ, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. Movie event of the decade, that. And let's not forget, the whole thing's filmed in 3D. Faaaaaark.
  2. wow. anime has come a long way. looks weird.
  3. still can't do realistic looking people.

    but I'll see it anyway :)
  4. I wish I could 'film' in 3d :p


    You reckon? Look pretty photorealistic to me. I really hope this does well and doesn't go the way of the FF movie. Personally I'd like alot more movies to be made entirely in 3d. Mostly because I want to specialise in 3d modeling and it would be great for the industry..

  5. in Hollywood's case 3D = stereographic. this movie is an 80/20 hybrid live action vs animation. people are real. creatures/environment are not

    edit: so the realistic people comment => :LOL:
  6. looks kind of cool. Some parts look fantastic and others look a little closer to a high end game trailer. The quicktime probably doesn't do it justice. Someone at work used the example of Beowulf. He saw it at IMAX and was blown away, I saw it on DVD and thought it was just OK.

    PS: Are you in the industry at the moment Phizog? nice to see some 3d guys on netrider!
  7. whats wrong with advent children?
  8. Nothing mate, I meant the spirits within.

    Nope, only just finished my degree and hungry for a job where I can continue to work on my skills.
  9. I think it is the same as star wars - mix of actors and CGI characters (think jar jar "everyone hates me" binks).

    Does "filmed in 3D" have something to do with it being in 3D (a-la IMAX and dorky blue/red glasses), as opposed to computer generated imagery (CGI)?

    Spirits within sucked bags. Looked like a poor introduction to a PS1 game.
    Advent children was groundbreaking - first time photorealistic CGI had really been attempted for a feature length movie. Spirits within took that concept, pissed on it, watered it down for 3rd graders, then drank 10 pints of beer, spewed on it, then pissed on it again, then passed out on it.
  10. 3D good for the industry... Hmm I dunno.

    Yes, it means you can deliver massively superior viewer experiences, so people might be more likely to go to the cinema than pirate or rent.

    But it also makes production costs go bananas - which means that only "blockbuster" titles will get made, which will lead to more of the shit shit shit SHIT SHIT that the big studios have been serving us for the last X years.
  11. yes but also no.. no red/green glasses these days. polarised light so you get full colour

    edit again:

    not actually true... its only a 30% kick on production costs. remember the majority of films are cheap to make, its the actors who are expensive. district 9 only cost 30million despite the heavy FX.
  12. I always wondered how that worked with the tint the same colour for each eye. Bloody genius.
  13. bloody hell, thats pumping out some serious 1's and zeroes

    wouldnt mind having 1 of their pc's sitting here
  14. When I talk about realistic, I mean human expressions and animations, not textures and lighting.

    If they are actors then fine, but when the whole character is done in 3D, it never looks completely right.
  15. James Cameron has said that he wants people back in cinemas, that's what this film is all about. It's designed to be a massive extravaganza best viewed in the imax and that's what they're pushing.

    Looks interesting, but we don't have no steenkin' imax where I live. I'll still see it at the regular flicks though.