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Avatar / Picture under little helmets in forum

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gixxersrule, Mar 5, 2005.

  1. Just click on the profile tab up the top mate. 8) Upload a very small pic (3kb) from your pc :p

  2. What kind of software you got? Photoshop?
  3. If you need a hand with the pic email it to me, or msn and Ill format it for you.

    I moonlight as a computer geek when I'm not eating out of rubbish bins.. :D
  4. l might need a hand as well....see how l go with mine

  5. stuffed if l can work it out...lol
  6. thanks lids for doing my avatar...you champion you :D
  7. No probs Julz.

    :D :D
  8. Hey lids, could you do my avatar as well..
    cause I cant work it..

    mumble mumble *stupid computer* mumble mumble
  9. Realm wrote:
    Yep sure Faye. Email it to me.

    :D :D
  10. I used this online GIF editor for mine - http://www.gifworks.com/

    For those who want to try it for themeselves you may also need to reduce the number of colors as well as resize your pic to get it under 3K.
  11. I just use the gimp, free and easy!
  12. Hehehehe
    Thanks heaps Lids.... I dont no how you done it so fast, I was playing with it for hours and couldnt get it to work.
    You had it under 30sec and it was done.
  13. No worries Faye.

    :D :D