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Avalon airshow last year

Discussion in 'Non-Bikes' started by smee, Aug 27, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. Nice pics smee !
    Love the hornet pics but the 777-300ER is the one leaving me most sentimental, having flown this type for 4yrs up until recently.
    I was a volunteer at the first Avalon 'Airshows Downunder' , in 1992 (aircraft marshaller). Too busy to partake in photography though I now never leave a camera behind each time I sign on for work.
    Speaking of 'work', keep up the great work - I really enjoy looking at your pics (y)
  3. What do you fly now nickers?
  4. A330, soon to be trained onto A340.
  5. Smee, here's one of my last 'walkaround' on the B777-300ER (external inspection) prior to departing Johannesburg for Hong Kong, 1 year and 12 days ago :)

  6. Perks of the job eh? :)
  7. @ Nickers..how about a shot from the office? I wish I had a camera with me on a return flight with the company I last worked for..we chased a sunset for more than an hour heading back towards Queensland..simply stunning.
  8. Great pics mate.
  9. Don't forget, when you're converting to the A340, to enter the right data for weight and no tail scrapes, please...

  10. Interesting pics.
    There is a huge connection between aviation and motor cycles.
    For a start, m/c racing in Australia was born in WW1, on airport runways.
  11. Yeah, twas shocking stuff, hey mjt57 ?
  12. It was. Lots of discussion about it on the Usenet newsgroup aus.aviation with contributions from GA pilots as well as at least one A380 driver...