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Avalon Airshow 2013

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Fridgy, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Just gauging interest on who would be interesting in doing the 2013 Avalon Airshow.

    Its on the 1-3rd of March

    Havent locked a day in stone yet, going to wait to see what the weather does

    Airshow General Admission Tickets:
    • Adult (15 years and over) $60
    • Child (5-14 years) $30
    • Concession (Pensioner, HCC, Student Card Only) $50
    • Family (2 adults & 4 children) $120
    • Children under 5 Free
    or if there is enough interest

    A group discount of 10% is available for advance ticket purchases of 10 or more of the same ticket type e.g. 10 adults, 10 one day Gold Pass for any one day.

    Edit: there is listed a $10 per "car" parking fee, not sure if that will apply if your on a bike?
  2. Keen!

    Parking costs did not apply to bikes 2 years ago
  3. Seriously despite the ease of the motorcycle as opposed to cars it's still a biatch getting in and out. Last time we took the train to Lara and courtesy bus straight to the gate. No stress at all.
  4. This has been in the calendar for 2 years.......

    Farrrrrking wedding to go to!

    Hey guys..............stop getting faaaarking married..............okay?

    Leave life to the rest of us..............

  5. Blow the wedding off, the Raptor is doing a flying display this year!
  6. Crying......on the inside.............and the outside.............

    To add insult to injury - I had a chance at a VERY cheap premium ticket with all the bells and whistles for Friday........

    Interstate Wedding - hmmmm.............I think I might need appendicitis.............

    Have fun mate :D
  7. I'd be keen on the ride, except that it's looking like I might be able to bludge a ride in on a heli ... :sneaky:
  8. Have fun guys !

    I worked the first ever Avalon Airshow in early 90's (Aircraft Marshaller) bringing in some heavies (IL76 'Candid', C5 Galaxy, DC3's, Various fighters..even Chris Spirou after his usual stunning aero displays in his Pitts Special)...

    Just so happens I will be doing 'airshows' of my very own (hopefully good results) in regulatory 6mth tests/checks (work) on 2nd, 3rd March...

    For those going, please make sure you post your pics for us unfortunate ones to live it vicariously.

  9. I'm going. In fact, I won tickets! See you there Saturday
  10. I forgot. :( I normally go to the trade day but forgot to have the day off.
  11. i went a couple years ago, was really good, can't go this year unfortunately.
    enjoy it.
  12. Anyone heading in from Geelong just remember it's a gravel road to get in from that side.
  13. So viscera and I will be meeting at the outbound servo on the westgate (Todd rd service centre) at 7am Saturday, if anyone else wants to tag along you are more than welcome
  14. AHHHHHRRRRRGGGGG!!!:mad: I forgot this was on again!!!

    I wonder if the boss would notice if I took the work car to do some "field work" and brought it back a few days later and with 1400km in the log book :)
  15. Awesome day out boys and girls, if you get a chance to go tomorrow, I highly recommend it, seeing the F22 in flight was worth the $60 admission alone!

    If anyone does go tomorrow, there is no fee for bike parking, and bike parking is available towards the ticket booths (near the disabled parking area)

    Don't forget your sunscreen, and unlike me, put it on your face even if you have a hat (who would have thought you would spend most of the afternoon looking up at an airshow.......DOH)
  16. general consensus on the F-22 is that no photo or film can do it justice.

    seeing it in the flesh (alloy?), feeling the rumble, hearing the scream, and smelling the av gas - is amazing.

    awesome aircraft that does some awesome things.
  17. More to the point, flying past at 1000 km/h (approx), bloody hard to get a photo of the beastie
  18. Went today, and upset quite a few cagers by filtering past about 5 km of cars waiting to get in.
    And then parking right up the front too.

    Would have given up if i was in a car.

    The f22 is amazing, especially in the tight turns.

    Highlight for me was the globemaster doing a knifedge along the runway - awesome. The caribou showing why it is so good, and the catalina juts being a catalina.
  19. if you want to post pics of the airshow post em in the photography section folks