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Avalon Airshow 18 - 19 Mar

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Peregrine, Mar 14, 2005.

  1. Is anyone going to the Airshow on Friday or Saturday?

    I was originally planning on joining in on Friday night's coffee session to meet you Victorian netriders, but unfortunately I won't be able to make it.

    Just wondering if any of you guys are going to the airshow so I can meet up with you there and have some AvGas tasting coffee :)

  2. I'm giving serious thought to Friday night at the airshow.

    Big weekend:

    Friday: Coffee v Airshow v Kill Double header
    Sat: BEARS historic racing at Broadford v Airshow
    Sun: BEARS v Alexandra Bike Swap Meet v Airshow

    The agony of choice!

    NOTE - HMRAV have obtained a permit to run a lunch time demo at the Vic Historic Titles. You will require a special $15 licence for insurance. All machines need to be glass safe, all riders need only protective gear, not full leathers. Red Plate bikes, any old road bike and even racers not racing may participate.

    Wooohooo el cheapo track session!
  4. Well if anyone does decide to rock up on Fri or Sat, feel free to give me a yell on the day. I'd love to meet some of your strange strange people... :p :D

    lol I'm tossing up whether to leave my number here or have people PM me...

    Ah stuff it, here it is anyway - 0422 874 990. Any 3 am calls I'll get you back. You have been warned! lol :p
  5. Doing the cheap seat option for the Friday night show (know a great possie outside and meet up with several other petrol heads) :p

    Doing the walk around on Saturday followed by a night at the speedway over the road for the Speedcar Grand Prix meeting (usually a crash fest, they bounce really well, so I'll be busy on the infield).

    Not a hard choice really between a movie double or BEARS after all one FA-18 has more horsepower than the entire Aust' F1 grid :shock: :D :eek: :LOL: 8) :p :wink: :roll:

    Roll on Friday, doing a POETS day and heading down early.