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Avalon Air Show 2015

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mathew Archibald, Feb 22, 2015.

  1. Hi All

    I'm planning on heading down to Avalon Airshow this year on the bike after getting stuck in traffic chaos two years ago.

    For people who have done this before, is there anywhere to stash your gear on site?

    Don't really feel like walking around in motorbike pants and jackets on what will probably be a hot day and my current plan is to just leave my stuff with the bike and hope it doesn't go walkabout.


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  3. There are plenty of hangers and dispaly sheds that are manned, maybe pick a friendly and ask to leave it there. Assure them you wont hold them resposible for it. Might work.
  4. Take a cable or chain , feed it through the sleeves of your jacket, through leg of pants an rings on helment and lock it all to your bike.
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  5. Security might be a bit nervous about unattended packages though. Lots of military personnel and hardware there.
  6. Yes true Chris.
  7. Put your gear on one of the hangers.Simple
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  8. Chain it to your bike or lug it around with you are the only options available to you on the bike. Both viscera and i attended the last one. Left our gear secured to the bikes and took all electronics, headsets gps etc and carried them in a small backpack with our wallets cameras etc. Beating the traffic was worth the inconvenience
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  9. Thanks All.

    I think chaining to the bike is what I will do.
  10. Not sure if riding or driving this year.
    Having access to Trade Days, I'd prefer to drive on these days and possibly ride on General Admission days.
    Should be a great weekend :)
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