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Available LAMS Approved for 6"2 Rider

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by DZOG21, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. Gday again folks, Im after a reliable somewhat powerful bike which is LAMS approved.
    Im after a more powerful one which looks the goods aswel. I had previously put a deposit on a GT650R but opted out after reading to many negative reports about them.
    Basically what i need is a rundown on all of my most suitable possibilities.
    I dont want somthing 30 years old either.
    Im after a sports touring or a sports or a cruiser although since i havnt found anything im real fond of yet i may start to look into the motocross bike category,
    Iv had a ER5 in mind but still unsure.
    Any info will be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks

  2. Well powerful and LAMS aren't really meant to go in the same sentence :wink:

    Have you thought about super motarding a Thumper? I have a KLR 650 and put some foam handgrips on, and the vibration is reduced and more than bearable as my rides are around 400kms a day and no worries on freeway at 120kmh with standard 15 tooth sprocket or 16 tooth gives me 130kmh and I could sit on these speeds all day as it is at 5,000rpm right on the maximum torque.

    Here's the link for anyone else to recommend a bike

  3. I agree with both statements.

    Motards are ugly, dirty, loud and I can't rate them high enough because of it.

    I think the Yamaha XVS650(?) is a LAMS bike. There's plently out there.[/quote]
  4. yeah the xvs650 is certainly somthing isnt it. quite expensive though... wishin I could afford the custom.... maybe soon

    Choosing a bike is quite a friggn hard thing to do.
  5. There's lots of old mid-size four cylinder bikes that are plenty reliable, quick enough, and nicer to ride than 250s. If you're looking for a big LAM's bike, they are the best choice (although you'll have to get over your prejudice against older bikes).

    They look great too.

    The best are the Kawasaki Z650 and Yamaha XJ650. They run to seriously high mileages with minimal problems. Very grunty 70hp engines too. Still lots of them around, so they really last- think $2500 for something that will give minimal problems for a long time.

    If you want something newer, the kawasaki ZR550 (zephyr) or the yamaha XJR400 are nice, though quite rare. Both very good looking bikes, the XJR400 is a quick bike too. I'd say this is your best option if you really must have something only a few years old.

    The Suzuki GS500 and Kawasaki ER5 are good, but a bit on the sensible side.

    If you have a decent amount of money, the bmw F650 is a great all rounder.

    I own a 4-cylinder GSX400f Katana, which is totally reliable and I would consider parting with for a small sum... http://gsx400f.googlepages.com/GSX400F.jpg
    Mine is a bit less shiny, obviously.