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AUX power via USB

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by JAAS, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. Not really a new smart mod but I was looking at adding a solar trickle charger to my bike after some problems with the battery. What I did find while investigating the power inputs and outputs on a S2R800 was the AUX power coming off the battery. One of my problems is on longer rides the last up to a week, I was finding it hard to keep my GPS, ipod and phone charged all the time.

    So my solution was $50 at Jaycar and 20min time, I have built a small black box with a water proof USB port that is connected to a car USB charger meant for a cigarette light 12v port. I have added a switch as the USB converter is always pulling a small amount of current, even if there is nothing plunged in.

    So the finished product is attached to the side of the bike inside the naked frame with velcro so it can be removed at any time. The on/off button lights up when the converter is powered on and the whole thing is water tight.

    If anyone is interested I will post pictures later.

    Its not a big mod but one of my first, so thought I better share.
  2. yeah i be keen to see mod or design
  3. I'd like to see photos too, and an explanation of the terms used, as well, please.

    eg. what does this mean?

    "What I did find while investigating the power inputs and outputs on a S2R800 we the AUX power coming off the battery."
  4. Yes please. I'm keen to set up a power feed for phone and GPS through my tankbag, which will require a socket on the bike somewhere.
  5. Sorry for the delay,
    The red switch lights up then power is turned on.

    Pic 1 the AUX power led. http://ocau.com/pix/i3qpi
    Pic 2 the box http://ocau.com/pix/zjvw2
    Pic 3 Close up and mounted http://ocau.com/pix/7rbsh
    Pic 4 mounted http://ocau.com/pix/f6z45
    AUX = Auxiliary, not sure if this is the correct terminological to be using for this cable.
    From what I under stand it comes standard on some bikes and it can be added to all.
    Its a connection to the battery that should have a fuse, it allows you to trickle charge the battery or take power from the battery.

    I made a 2nd one, smaller but not as nice, the usb port is on the end of a 1M cable so it can go in your pocket/backpack or mounted near the front.
  6. +1 I like the idea.
  7. I'm going to work on making it a lot smaller still.