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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by slicko, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. i dont usually do this but got to work this morning and not remember how i got here. Anyone of you had an autopilot situation. is it normal? how do i make sure it doest happen again.

  2. I used to do it in my car all the time. You're not taking the trip seriously enough. Things can happen at any time, so practise:

    1)your riding skills even when it's just a boring, straight road. Practise avoiding crap on the road, even if it doesn't matter if you go over it; be light on the bars so you're working with the bike rather than fighting it; slow riding; emergency braking (when nobody's behind)...
    2)your prediction skills for what other road users will do - learn to see the warning signs (on phone, head check, swaying, kids in the back). Think about your escape route options with each scenario.
    3)your positioning for visibility with other road users. Look for their eyes in their mirrors, move from side to side, don't be in blind spots too long, think about which mirrors people are more likely to look in...

    Use the boring times to prepare you for when things aren't so easy. Seems to keep me alert.
  3. It is normal but its not a good thing(i think). It sounds like ur not concentrating on the road that much and it could lead to anccident.

  4. To add onto what the other 2 people said (which are very valid!), did you do the "autopilot" on the bike or car? LOTS of people do it in cars very much, it half explains why so many of us are amazed at how car drivers "don't see us". If you did it on the bike, that's like "10 times worse!!!" Just trying to emphasize that, if you're not 100% concentrating on the ride/trip on a bike, you can seriously hurt yourself. Doing it "only" in a car might hopefully make it (if there is any incidents, wishing for none of course) just a "fender bender" as opposed to anything more (worse).

    As the others said, be conscious of your ride/drive and concentrate on all so you do remember what/where you go etc. It's a good thing that you thought of this and asking yourself "What is wrong?" as opposed to just doing this daily like so many other drivers (riders? Hope not!) do. :?

    Best of luck for future and turn off that autopilot feature in yourself, it can fail easily with no "safety" backup
  5. (only when I used to toke and ride trail bikes)
  6. Happens all the time.

    Like all auotpilots: make sure you don't go down.

  7. use to do it on the pushy all the time... now if i miss a bit of road ii get worried
  8. Tell yourself over and over again, until the message sinks right in, that the price of survival is eternal concentration.
  9. Couldnt of said it better myself, you got no business on the road if your mind isnt focused, we need all the reaction time we can get to survive at times, and it is normaly when we least expect it that something will go wrong. :(
  10. Used to happen to me in the car, before I got into riding.

    Once or twice I've had the 'I dont remember the last 5 minutes of the journey' thing. But only once or twice. I also had it once when I was turning right at an intersection (ie. didn't have right of way), I turned then couldn't remember if I had looked for cars or not. That really freaked me out so I've been vigilant since.

    I never drift off in the car anymore - mainly because I've let my driving skill level drop to a questionable level (probably on par with the average - thats baaaad). But I'm conscious of it so I make an effort to concentrate very hard, that keeps me alert with driving.

    When riding I try to take the boring stuff as practicing skills.

    After reading an article on micro sleeps I realised that everything we are describing in this thread about losing concentrating is a microsleep. Its not some magical unconsciousness like it seems to be portrayed to us.