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Automatic to manual license [NSW]

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by osamabanana, May 23, 2009.

  1. I recently did the pre learners course and got my L's. I did this course on a manual bike so i have a normal L's license. However the only bike I have for the moment is a scooter which is automatic. Now obviously I will not be able to practise enough to do the test on a manual bike. Does this mean I will have a automatic scooter license from then on and if so is there a way to go back onto a normal license at a later date.

    sorry if thats hard to understand
  2. nice to meet you(psst go post a Hello in the welcomes section). I'd seriously consider hiring a bike, and getting some practice in on it.
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  4. I did my P's test on the scooter and have now moved to the manual.. If all you have is the scooter then don't stress too much.

    One plus.. riding the scooter about let me really focus on the road and not worry too much about the gears etc..
    Passing the test was a lot more relaxing on the scooter too.. lighter and no stress of stalling when new to it.

    best wishes
  5. is it meant to say auto on your licence or pass slip? or is this only in the RTA/Police system?
    Because I did the Ps test on a postie, wouldnt this be classed as an auto?
  6. Oh, guy above me said similar... maybe thisll answer for him...

    Hire a postie, clutchless manual. Easiest alternative ;). One guy did that for my course and got a manual licence.
    Not sure if thats at the discretion of the testing dude or what though...

    I believe your licence will state the class, on the back i think.
  7. Practise on the scooter and hire a postie bike for the test. All you have to learn is how to shift - no clutch control required.

    Nope. You have to shift manually and it's a bike, not a scooter, so it's great. You have the same licence as if you did the bike on any manual LAMS bike.

    If you were restricted, it would say on your licence.

    It's a little bit inconsistent though, because if you do your car licence in a clutchless, sequential transmission car, you ARE restricted to driving that type of car, or full auto.
  8. yeah thats what I thought,thanks for the reply
    wohoo I can upgrade :)
  9. Looks like another loophole
  10. Sounds like a great idea. Does anyone know where I can hire a postie? I am in Carlingford, Sydney. Thanks.