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Automatic teller machines revenge

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Billsy, May 21, 2009.

  1. Just got ripped $30 ( ok, no big deal) from an auto teller...but why do they get away with it when skimers, bombs n forklfts steal from them they get jailed?? :evil:


  2. A bit more info
    How did you get ripped
    What sort of teller machine was it?
    etc. etc.
  3. Maybe filled the $50 section with $20's???

    He should go back and get $20 out to make his money back :wink:
  4. Normal machine, Commonwealth...withdrew (supposedly $590...paid a bill of $25 and was left with $535 lol...but i`ve got to fill out a lot of paperwork n see if the daily count was down or up...not too bitter now...just thought, modern technology can suck sometimes AND people count yor money!! lol
  5. PLUS!...maybe that coulda got me some wet weather strides seeing the weather in QLD aint too crash hot at the moment lol
  6. I want to know just what is AUTOMATIC about ATMs.
    It seems that they do nothing..you have to do all the work.
    More sh*t from the banks which we have fallen for....
  7. I have never had any trouble. Sorry for you , bloke.
  8. yeah I had this problem a while back. Have to fill out dispute paperwork, and they have to count the atm's up end of the day or the next day against the transactions completed before they can give you the money back.

    What made it worse for me was it wasn't my bank atm, so they had to fight it out between each other before my bank gave me the cash back.

    Hope you get your money back!
  9. I just got charged $135 worth of dishounor fees. Gave ANZ a call and got

    "So sorry sir, there seems to be a mistake. I'll reverse those right away"

    Shows they know what there doing =/

  10. Something like this happened to my mum about 15 years ago. They did a count and determined that she was telling the truth about being short-changed then gave her the rest. It is possible for something to go wrong with the ATM so check how much money the machine gives you folks.
  11. Happened to me 15 years ago at a commonwealth ATM, fill in the paperwork and the money gets refunded after a day or 2.
    There are checks and balances that are in place and apart from the time taken to fix it the system works.
  12. I tried to withdraw rent money a few yrs ago from a NAB machine. I got all the way up until the money was about to appear before the machine shut down and went out of order. I checked on another machine and it confirmed the money was withdrawn but I had nothing in my hand to pay my rent with.

    On explaining it to the teller inside, she pointed me to the telephone and gave me a number. I explained the situation to the person at the call centre and was told that when the money in the machine was counted they'll determine if I'm telling the truth and return my money in 5-8 weeks. Given that I earned less than 18 grand that year, the $500 and something was not an amount of money I could exactly spare for that long. fcuking furious is what I was! I went to my home branch (where people know me) and kicked up a huge stink that resulted in my money being returned the next day. :)

    I have no idea if it was due to my making some noise or a highly out of character act of efficiency from the NAB that did the trick, but I'd like to think it was because I said fcuk in the bank. :)
  13. sounds like some kind of ghost in the shell to me.

    ATMs will one day rise up and demand freedom.
  14. Kinda similar story here except I was robbed (in a sense)

    In the UK about 10 years back most ATM's didnt spit out your card until you had removed the cash.

    On a busy day I pressed all the right buttons, took my cash and went.
    Except the card was still in the machine.

    A sign would come up asking if there was anything else you wanted etc.

    Lucky fcuker behind me obviously thought it was his lucky day and cleaned me out!!

    My own fault I know. Thankfully that no longer happens and the card comes out before your cash.