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automatic full licence when you turn 30? (NSW)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by moog, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. I got my L's, then P's November 2007, but I turn 30 on Friday. Does that mean I go to my fulls? Or do I have to wait out until November (when I did the P's test?)

  2. tricky one... im probably wrong but as you got your L's before 30 i think you have to wait it out. give the rta a call i say..
  3. I believe you have to pass your P's test, and then once you do that you are unrestricted.

    I just passed my P's andthere were a few 30+ guys there who were doing the same test. The instructor told them all that they were now able to go and buy whatever they liked as they were unrestricted..
  4. I'd say No your not, you have to be over 30 for when you go get your P's. So i'd say if you got your L's when your late 29years of age, turned 30, then went for your P's, then maybe.

    I bought my bike off a fella who went for his licence at 29, got his P's whilst still 29, turned 30 and still restricted. He said he was better off waiting 1 year but hey, he was Italian :LOL:

    Unless he didnt know what he was talkin about, best check with RTA.
  5. extract from the NSW RTA website

    "If you are aged 30 years or over and have held an Australian or New Zealand unrestricted driver licence for the last five years with no cancellations, disqualifications or lapses of more than six months between renewals, you may proceed directly from a learner rider licence to an unrestricted licence. However, you are still required to successfully complete the pre-learner and pre-provisional courses."

    I take it if your your 30 when you do your Ps then you go straight to fulls if you meet the above criteria
  6. This 100% correct Im in the same boat!!!!
  7. In Vic, you have to do the time. My other half didn't get his license til he was 30....he's off his Ps in Nov.
  8. Except can't pillion for 12 months
  9. My sister was in the same position and was informed she'd have to wait out the full 12 months...as others have already stated.

    That said, I'd try it on with the RTA if I was you. They can be pretty 'flexible' in their interpretations. :wink:
  10. On related question:
    My case is that I'm over 30 but my driving license would be 5 years this mid-september. Would that mean that when the date passed (15/09) i can go and collect my full license or do i have to wait until full year on P (march 09)?
  11. Nelda: if you do your P's after 15/9 then you should be able to go straight to full's. But if you have already done your P's then your stuck for a year.

    I'm over 30 and went straight to fulls (no idea how I managed to keep my license for 5 years straight..) and I know Im not supposed to pillion for 1 year, but it doesn't say anything on my license.
  12. But if you get pulled over or for any other reason they check. It will be on file. Plus your insurance will be void.
  13. OK so if I didn't get my P's I would be on my fulls this week, but because I did I have to wait because I did the Ps while I was 29. Confusing.

    eg: I got my L's in November. If I had stayed on my L's and done my P's test this weekend (once I was 30) I would go straight to full licence.

    But because I did my P's test also in November last year, I did it when I was 29, meaning I have to keep them for 12 months even tough I turn 30 within those 12 months.

  14. Annoying, but hardly bizarre. This way there's only one decision point for them and that's more than they can usually handle.
  15. Im in the same situation.

    I have held an unrestricted driver licence for the last five years with no cancellations, got my motorbike P's at the end of April08 and turn 30 on Saturday.

    I called the Rta a few times and had mixed responces.
    Some said yes, some said say no.

    So then i sent a detailed email to the RTA and got the following responce -

    Thankyou for your email. Once a customer meets all the requirements
    of a mature age rider, their licence can be maintained as
    unrestricted without serving the full provisional period.

    So then i emailed them again just to make sure and got the following responce -

    I have spoken to Rider Training and they have confirmed that with the
    information you have supplied, you are eligible to mature age rider
    status when you turn 30.

    So based on this information i sold my 250 a few weeks ago, bought a 600 and havnt riden since.
    I'll going to the Rta on saturday morning to upgrade & taking the emails i recieved from the Rta with me.

    Lets just say that i will be less than happy if the Rta turns around and says No considering they have already said yes twice in writing.
  16. As I said, they can be 'flexible'. :roll:
  17. Well I was in the same boat, in NSW, turned 30 while on my P's

    Went into the RTA to get my license upgraded just after my birthday, and it had already automatically happened, all I had to do was pay the License Fee to have Unresistricted Licesnse to show for it
  18. Thanks Shakows that’s exactly what I needed to hear as the other comments were starting to make me a bit nervous that I had done the wrong thing.

    Did they mention anything about when you would be allowed to pillion?

    For example was it 12 months from the date you originally got your P’s or 12months starting from the day they upgraded you?
  19. I emailed RTA and this is her reply:

    If the registry can confirm that your eligible, you are able to graduate through the mature aged riders scheme.

    So I guess we are saved.
    Can't wait till it is 15/09
  20. Went to the RTA this morning and upgraded my licence.
    No questions asked.
    Its such a relief to finally be able to ride my new bike.
    What a shame Sydneys weather is the way it is. :grin: :grin: :grin: