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Automatic clutch bikes in Australia

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mental, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    I spent lots of last year in south east asia, and started riding little motorbikes like Honda Dream and Honda Wave, which have four gears but no clutch (I'm not really sure what they're called). They have the same or similar shifting to a postie bike which is available here.

    I'm looking at getting a bike next year and wondering whether these sort of bikes are available in Oz? If so, where and for how much?

  2. or just get a bike with a manual clutch. then u can wheelie any speed, not jsut power wheelie :cool:
  3. Well the Aprilia Mana has a CVT with an option to use preselected ratios in it's range as a tiptronic style gear box. Technically not the same as you're asking but if I was thinking of getting a bike without a clutch lever this is more the option I would look at.
  4. ^ An Italian version of a somewhat untested transmission design.

    Call me ignorant but I wouldn't touch it...
  5. I did ask the dealers (I know they would be biased but) they mentioned that it was similar to that found on many scooters and had been well tested. They were quiet honest about having to change a belt every 20,000K and gave me full breakdown of the costs for servicing. I was fairly interested in the Mana but couldn't get past the cost. When negotiating with them though they were willing to throw in most of the scheduled services including belts and oils etc.

    To OP there are also others available such as the Honda DN01 and the real cheap (and I think nasty) one from China, Arquin A3.

    IMO though I think the standard postie or a maxi scooter offers the best value for this type of bike.
  6. Are all these bikes new? Would you be able to find any (cheapish) old ones?
  7. Hello ignorant :?
  8. Yep they are all new, but as I said I think the Arquin is real cheap around $4-5 from memory but a very ugly machine IMO.

    I know there have been some other ones made, Moto Guzzi made one quite a while ago (perhaps google it) and I think Gilera or Aprilia made the DNA180. Not sure what the general thoughts are about these bikes but not seeing many around may be cause for concern.

    EDIT Gilera made DNA 180 - Moto Guzzi (v)1000 - Honda CB750A