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Automatic Chain Oilers

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by MarvinTheMartian, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. I’m seriously considering one of the following oil systems:
    • Scott Oiler Universal with lube tube. Vacuum system, most common oiler available, by all reports fiddly to install. Temperature dependent, requires different oil for 0-20deg and above 20degs. Can use automatic transmission oil.
    From the UK for AU$230 (incl shipping), or AU$300+shipping in Australia

    • CLS200u Electronically-Controlled Chain Lube System. Electronic pump system with temperature and flow measuring; therefore can use any grade of oil. Adjustable on the go
    Form the US for AU$261 (incl shipping), from manufacturers in Germany AU$408 :shock:

    • Hawk Oiler, basic electronic system, adjustable on the go.
    From the US for AU$185 (incl shipping)

    Now the question is does anyone have experience/opinions about the said oilers, especially with the CLS200u and the Hawk Oiler. Looked at the Loobman, it's not in the running due to the direct contact and wear on the delivery system.
  2. No experiences to share on listed oilers... but there's the loobman to consder too. Ask Loz about it. Bit messy, not very aesthetic. Does its job perfectly tho.

    Oh, there's the Chairman's snottoiler system too... do a search. :LOL:
  3. I know a lot of the UK Hornet owners use Scottoiler.
  4. Try Pro-oiler
  5. I've got a Scottoiler. Love it. Not too fiddly to install. Good instructions. I put mine out of sight under a side cover. It's adjustable, practically invisible and not hard to dial in. Best accessory money I've spent in years.
  6. You would seriously blow so much money because you are too lazy to
    spend a minute of two oiling up a chain every so often? [​IMG]

    Thats crazy. [​IMG]

  7. Oh, I forgot, I got mine on Elizabeth St. Melb. I paid $220 for a Universal kit last March at Bike Barn. www.bikebarn.com.au. $300 sounds way dear.

  8. No, not so lazy, just commute and then travel a lot of km's in the weekend for fun. I don't fancy spending so much time on cleaning and oiling the chain. Also carrying chain oil with me for those times I travel over a thousand km's, or ride in the rain, or dirt. Just doesn't appeal to me.

    With a chain oiler, it can be used to help the chain stay in pretty clean condition and oiled no matter what the condtions, or distance.

    Also, the cost is minisucile compared to a replacement chain and sprocket. If it means even doubling the replacement time for a chain, i'm ahead. Considering the experts reckon it can increase the life of the chain by 5x to 7x, why not.
  9. I've got a scottoiler.
    Been on the bike now for 20,000km, and I love it

    I find it too heavy and awkward to lift on to the stand and I can't be bothered to move it around to oil the chain.

    One of the best things I've ever bought for my bike, I don't have to do anything and it's being maintained by my riding it :D
  10. G'day everyone,.....

    I have thought about a Scott oiler or such for my bike,...
    When things slow down for me at the end of the year I might see about makeing one myself!

    (Mind you when that dose'nt work,..I might end up buying one anyway!!)
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Dr Who?
  11. I've got a Scotoiler and it came in handy over the 2500 kms of the Ducati Turismo last week and PI track day this week. :cool: