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AutoGlym polish...

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by rob_, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. Decided to get my bike looking even better than usual for spring, so went down to the Frankston Autobarn. A guy called Roger gave me some advice on chain lube (ended up buying a can of Repsol stuff) and aslo on polish. His advice was AutoGlym, which was unsurprisingly the most expensive. But I bit the bullet and bought it anyway.

    It is awesome. Now the bike looks even better than when I got it new 3000km ago. Gave it a good wash, then polished it with this stuff (frame, swingarm, the lot) and it shines like you wouldnt believe. Very happy with the product and the service too. Nice way to spend a Monday afternoon.
  2. I use that stuff also on the car and the bike. It's spectacular.
  3. I dont have a bike at the moment but Ive been using it on my car for years.
    I dont think ive used the metal polish though.
    Its gooood stuff.


    These are their bike-specific products
  4. I have been using Plexus for a while now, and it is fantastic stuff.
    Use it on all your plastic or even metal parts and it even fills in small scratches!
  5. Rodger? Or do you mean Reggie? Short chubby balding Italian dude?
    My best mate works there and hes a big fan of Autoglym.

    Ive always used it on the cars ive had and now use it on the bike. Top stuff! Expensive but very good. they do a polish thats designed specifically for black paint and it works a treat.
  6. Ah, he wasnt exactly tall, nor chubby, and had no hair at all methinks? or maybe cut very short? in any case, the polsih that i bought is not bike specific... its called super resin polish. cant wait to use it on my car too.http://www.autoglym.co.uk/enGB/product-proddetail.asp?v06VQ=HD&Range=1
  7. G'day to you all. I've just landed from the UK and I'm busy looking around your site, loads of information. I can strongly recommend Autoglym for use on your bike! I've never ever used it on the wife's car as it's too good, not to mention too expensive. I am however struggling to find a stockist, can you recommend one?


  8. East Coast Auto Spares from Melbourne sell them on ebay. I have no idea on price comparison from stores though.

    Autobarn should stock them.

    Oh, and welcome to Aus.
  9. scratch x

    Maguire's Scratch X is also great. Just removed a few small scratches from my tank. Absolutely fantastic result.
  10. Re: scratch x

    +1 excellent product
  11. Re: scratch x

    How bad were the scratches? I've got a few in my tank that I'd like to remove, however it's matte black, so no clear coat, would Scratch X still work?
  12. Re: scratch x

    Won't work on matte paint I'm afraid....Scratch X is an extremey fine polish, if you use it on matte paintwork it will shine it up...not what you want on a matte bike...
  13. Yeah, like he said, not for matte finish.
    I would suggest contacting a manufacturere or workshop of the make of your bike and getting their advice on the matte finish maintenace.