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Auto vs Manual vs Motorbike

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by ._., Apr 1, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. Hahaha niiice! Sums it up nicely.
  3. every time I drive an auto (not often) the first time I stop the car is inevitably when my left foot goes looking for the clutch (usually while coming to a stop), doesn't find it and belts the brake to bring the car to a screeching halt.

    Every time without fail.
  4. So auto drivers wear beige cardigans while listening to Lady Gaga.... Who would have thought??? lol
  5. My wife has a silver volvo... stop giggling! I use it about 6 times a year..its auto..it has no personality..pure poker face.The sh!t is that the wiper and indicator stalks are reversed,first corner is signaled with wipers..gets me every time.
  6. The older I get the more I love autos, It's just a car who needs the aggravation???
  7. Some cars really suit autos... I've driven a barge old Jaguar and the auto was so nice to have. Camrys, falcodores and some others perfectly suit autos.

    Would you buy a Lotus in auto? No. Would you buy a 760iL in manual? No..
  8. If I ever buy a car, it'll be auto - who cares, it's just a car!