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AustRoads - Improving the Performance of Safe System Infrastructure : Final Report

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' started by Mouth, Nov 19, 2015.

  1. Austria's has released their final report on infrastructure treatments for safe roads. Summarising their findings and narratives relative to motorcycles;

    • Roundabouts showing poor safety outcomes for [...] motorcyclists can be made safer by reducing approach and entry speeds
    • For roundabouts, the focus was on improving safety performance for [...] motorcyclists. The key severe crash factors were related to high speed approach and entry into the roundabout [...]
    • A high proportion of same direction (hit from behind) severe crashes involved motorcyclists (32% vs typically 1.5%)
    • Irregular shape of the [middle of a roundabout] should be avoided as motorcyclists have stability problems when faced with rapid change of direction.
    • [The middle of roundabouts should be clearly lit and delineated, otherwise motorcyclists have risk off not going around the roundabout or being hit when in it]
    • Half of the severe crashes [at roundabouts] involved cyclists and motorcyclists
    • 36% of severe motorcyclist crashes at roundabouts were of [impact with other vehicles]. [Of these, 60% is caused by] entering drivers not seeing/acknowledging the [motorcycle] already within the roundabout. [And 40%] were errors committed by the entering riders ([...]cars already within the roundabout)
    • 53% of all severe motorcyclist crashes at roundabouts [is caused by the rider not navigating the roundabout correctly (i.e. going in too fast or through it too hot) and] that a majority of riders in the study [...] did not hit any objects, and [...] injuries were due to hitting the pavement and kerning [on the outside of the roundabout or it's entry/exit]
    • Low entry and circulating speeds of less than 30 km/h would act to minimise severity of [...] motorcyclist conflicts
    Wire Rope Barriers:
    • Motorcyclist crashes into wire rope barrier formed a very minor proportion of the [studies] sample, [ 3% ]
    • Refer to recent findings to dispel the 'cheese cutter' myth in relation to motorcyclists
  2. I had to have a laugh when I first read this.

    The first finding - reduce speed.

    The next bit touched on 'A high proportion of same direction (hit from behind) severe crashes". That happens mainly when you reduce speed and the person behind doesn't.

    Damned if you do... damned if you don't. Couldn't help but have a chuckle... (This is tongue in cheek - I'm not having a go at your post... :) )
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