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Austrian Alps

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by vossy53, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Hi members. Returned to Aus after a 8 week holiday. The highlight of our trip(wife and me who else?) was the road from Austria to Italy. This road took us from Fussen in the south of Germany due south via Imst, Solden and to Merano, Italy. The reason for being the highlight is that this is 'bikers heaven'. The roads, scenery and the mountains (Austrian Alps and Italien Dolomites) take your breath away and in addition to this every 2 to 3 minutes you hear the rumble of 4 strokes as they thunder along this road.
    This road was truly packed with beautiful bikes of all sorts of makes. (as long as these bellow they are beautifull right?) This road reaches an altitude of 2509 meters marking the border crossing from Austria to Italy. (By the way the privelage for passing through is 24 Euro!) The top of the mountain was a showcase as everybike parked and riders and pillions soak in the view. There wasn't a time when I missed my bike as much as this!! A couple of BMW riders consoled me otherwise i would have bawled right there and then. (My wife suggested I immediately see a psyche... )
    If any members are looking to add something to their 'bucket list' I would urge you to experience this road on a bike (unlike us in a 1.6l diesel Peugeot). Right now I'm dreamimg of returning with my mates and doing a 6 day Alpine tour.....

    Regards Vossy
    Stay safe

  2. If you were in Fussen, then I can deduce that you went to see Neuschwanstein Castle. As my wife is German we have done a number of sightseeing trips around "zi fatherland". It is absolutely spectacular & I am green with envy at your travels. We are going again in August next year & will be around this neck of the woods. Those Germans are nuts about their bikes. From my limited observations, I believe the German alps & surrounds to be the best biking roads in the world.
  3. Sadly, I've only done it in a 1.6L deisel Peugeot as well :(

    But incredibly awesome roads. I would love to spend a few weeks riding around the Alps.
  4. Just do it - last year I chucked in the job for 3 months touring Europe on the VFR - 2 of which was spent in the Alps/Dolomites/Pyrenees. While the alps are spectacular to look at, you do get a little sick of switchbacks over every pass - we found the best riding was further east into Austria around Mariazell - the mountains get a bit tamer and the roads are more flowing - think endless kilometres of Black Spur, without cops or anyone who cares about the speed limit...(except us of course, we were very responsible).

    OMFG I wanna go back.
  5. The hills are alive, with the sound of ... braaap braaap braaap!

    This area around Bavaria / Austria / Italy is at the top of my "things to do with a spare $10k" list. :p