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Australia's most successful motorcycle racing exports

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by rc36, Jun 16, 2005.

  1. We all know Mighty Mick, but who comes next?

  2. Jeremy Burgess. Warren Willing.

    Troy Corser. Matt Mladin. Jason Crump. Andrew MacFarlane. Chad Reed.
  3. Kel Carruthers - wins Aust 250cc 5 consecutive years (61-65) , all classes (125, 250,350, 500) at Easter Bathurst in 64 & 65.

    Leaves Australia in 66, wins a GP in 68 - beaten by Agostini in 350cc. Wins GP Championship and IOM in 69. Wins IOM in 1970.

    Moves to US, wins Daytona 250. 72 on, manages American Yamaha GP team (whilst still competing). Coaches a rookie named Kenny Roberts, who does OK.

    In 1998, still running Yamaha's AMA Supersport team.

    There are plenty of others with more straight out wins, but you'd have to rate Carruthers pretty high for versatility. International racer, coach, manager - all successful. Not bad for Sydney bloke.
  4. Rob Phillis,
  5. what abour wayne Gardner....he still get a mention these days?
  6. Exports

    Since the premise of the thread is SUCCESSFUL, I would nominate Gregg Hansford, who finished second in the world 250 and 350 champoinships two years in a row, and was only beaten by homesickness and a jockey named Kork Ballington, who could tuck in behind the fairing and get a couple of extra miles per hour over the 6' plus Aussie.
    And his arch Yamaha rival, Warren Willing, who parleyed a leg injury that would have killed most other men into an unparalleled career as a manager, mentor, guru and all-round genius for several of the world's winningest teams.
    In many respects there will never be a better number 02, or a better number 85. We love them both.
  7. Mal Campbell is a bit of a legend
  8. But did Mal race overseas (international)?? I think he raced in Suzuka, anyway, who cares, yes Wally is a big bit of a legend.
  9. Did he race le mans?
    I don't know really, I think that he may have, he also race debuted the NR750.

    He is just a legend.
  10. Wally Campbell raced the Suzuka 8 Hours in 1984 on a Honda RS750R entered by Honda Australia. He shared the bike with Andrew Johnson and qualified 4th.
    In the race the pair finished 6th, 11 laps down on the winners, Mike Baldwin and Fred Merkel on another RS750R entered by Honda America.
  11. Re: Exports

    *sniffs* I smell google :p
  12. Actually, no, I was a professsional racing photographer when both these men were racing here in the seventies; I don't have to rely on implanted Blade-Runner memories, like some others, and I counted both these men as acquaintances if not friends. Sorry, you may be able to make that barb stick with others, but not with me.