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Australia's first biker mayor

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rider, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. Not sure if this has already been posted but thought it was interesting .

    Australia's first bike mayor.


    November 26, 2007 - 8:17AM

    Source: ABC
    The Mayor of Glamorgan-Spring Bay on Tasmania's East Coast wants to become the first Australian mayor to have a motorbike as his official vehicle.

    The newly elected Mayor, Bertrand Cadart says he is proud to be part of a "motorbike friendly" council and is testing a maxi scooter to see if he is able to use it to carry out his mayoral duties.

    Councillor Cadart says he is not aware of any other council providing its mayor with two-wheel transport.

    "So far it has been so good," he said.

    "Of course I'm not sure how things will work when we will have visitors and dignitaries that I may have to cart around to show around the municipality but we also have a pool of cars and I can always borrow a car if need be."

    Councillor Cadart says he prefers a motorbike to a car because it's cheaper and emits less greenhouse gas.

    "Scooter uses about a third of what an average sedan uses in petrol, the cost of buying it is also about a third.

    "The cost of maintaining it is also about a third and they pollute a lot less," he said.

  2. about time a politician promote bikes as being good instead of bagging them!
  3. Now if the government could only recognise them like they do for cars, we could all go and novate lease a new bike.!!!

    Now that would fcuking awesome. :grin:
  4. oh man that would kick arse.....
    being a govt employee myself, I can just see me needing a govt supplied street triple!

  5. Better than nothing, I spose...
  6. They call him "Le Frog." He played one of the bad guys in Mad Max, he's the official importer of Fournales air shocks in Australia, his dog is called "CB1300" and he runs trike/bike tours around Bicheno in Tassie, not far at all from the Lake Leake road, which many consider to be Australia's greatest motorcycle road.

    He's a hilarious bastard, and was just running for the Mayor position when I first met him. His plan all along was to preach the gospel of two wheels in the corridors of power.

    Oh, and as if that wasn't enough to make him a bona fide legend, he also packs one of the last truly great handlebar moustaches. Bravo!
  7. He's also the guy behind the well known and very popular in its day, "La Parisienne" fairing.
  8. now if we could just get a bullet proof one for the PM it would be a better world, because you would hate to see a perfectly good scooter/bike get mamed by a stay bullet. :grin:
  9. Indeed he is .. spent almost an hour in his store a few years back when on a Tassie tour listening to both his accent and his stories, as well as his many historical artifacts from Mad Max and motorcycling related.

  10. What a legend! :LOL:

    We need more people like him! In general! :cool:
  11. I don't know if he still does this but he used to me the importer for Fournals shocks way back.
  12. Bertrand Cadart for PM :grin:
  13. not only governments,
    Where I work, I could novate lease a car.. but i sooo want a bike instead..

    ....perhaps lease a new car and use the savings to pay for a bike?....
  14. My Boss/Mayor/State Independent often rides his V-Storm in to work.
  15. Hey!

    It's 25 years since then... you get less than that for murder.

    Let the guys one big mistake rest in peace :LOL:

    Yes he made some solid fairings, and his bikini ones were nice... but...

    Original 'goose' type fairing... it was fugly then and it's fugly now!

    *runs away from the mad max fans* :p
  16. Everyone is entitled to at least ONE mistake .....

    :LOL: :p :p

    (at least ya could lay the bike down on those fairings and they didn't instantly disintegrate)
  17. Does he wear 2 helmets ?

    what a media hype crap fest .

    the bloke rides a bike to work , its his choice , it means shit all to legislation , means shit all to the general public , it means shit all people who ride .
    motorcycling community and motorcyclis are grasping at strawa if they think this will make a differance.
  18. Hey doc I get your point, but what I like is that the council is providing the bike instead of a car. This may help in setting a precedent for other employers?? :?
  19. groberts,

    I just don't get your statement, from someone who is so keen to get the best results for motorcyclists to see these sorts of comments from you.....

    i completely agree it may not do a thing to change anything, but when change happens it starts from someone somewhere with a idea, isn't any person in position of power (that is keen to promote the 2 wheeled option/idea) better then no one at all promoting it? I mean it's that how so many of our everyday Fad's start? People in position start doing something promoting it to the wider population?

    Anyway like others i say good luck to the bloke