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Australia's "craziest" drivers

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by smee, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. How Aus is the poorly secured matress being held down with hands?

    Tops stuff
  2. Love the barbi guy, see him everywhere..
    I wonder if he is a netrider but too ashamed to admit it :p
  3. If it were me I would be proud!
  4. He is and he has posted about it when it first happened.
  5. That postie with the milk crates is not a bad idea...
  6. Works out that the Barbie didnt work after all!!
  7. Out of 23 photos, there's only a couple that really make me suck my teeth. The jack handle being probably the most notable. The rest I've done (or worse) over the years so I'd be a hypocrite to condemn.

    And the dog on the scooter one makes me cringe 'cos of the shorts and thongs, not the dog.
  8. ditto PatB.

    hey smee, do you have a link for that BBQ guys posts? be interesting :)
  9. Ya gotta love the media for putting a positive spin on it..craziest drivers..makes it sound like they are fun loving drivers with a talent for making you smile on the roads,a light hearted whimsical look at commuters on the go. They never tell it like it is..." most dangerous drivers" or "incompetent thoughtless f#ckwits out to kill you"

  10. As Pat noted, most weren't actually that bad.

    With the jack handle, it was only the next day I cam across a work truck with a bit of corner reinforcing sticking out almost as far, when I was filtering.