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australia's 250 cc learner laws not so stupid after all

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by sydneybiker, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. i was on another website ( USA website ) and this was the guys post on his 1st motorbike ever..........a 1300 cc hayabusa.......what was the guy thinking? as you can see he wrote it off in about two weeks...so i beginnind to think these 250 cc laws aren't so bad after all if it stops people injuring themselves or doing this to their bikes....


    damage here link http://uploads.offtopic.com/files/damndamn.jpg

  2. I agree that there needs to be some sort of restriction, but I still don't like the 250cc laws... much prefer the LAMS scheme. Some people do need to be protected from themselves. Just too bad it comes at a cost to the rest of us.

    On that note - I know of a few people that have gone, got their l's, then went on their restrictions, waited a year, and then bought an r1 (or similar) as their first bike ... It happens here even with the restriction period.

    p.s. you may want to link the pic rather than show the image, out of courtesy to the dial-uppers.

  3. I'd fully agree.....would be even better if you could take people off restrictions based on the amount of time on the road. At present you can get your Ls, then Ps and not ride a bike on the road, wait out the 1 yr of restrictions and whammo a shiny Busa in the driveway without a road km to your name.
  4. i agree, the lams thing is much smarter. you can have a 500cc 4 stroke thats much less of a weapon than a 250cc two stroke, seems victoria has its priorities all screwed up. in addition, i would say that rather than having the restrictions last for a time period, they should be based on kilometers knocked up. couldn't be that hard for someone to ride on down to vicroads and have their ks recorded when they get their licence and then go down again and have the restrictions lifted once they've done say 10,000ks. that'd stop anyone jumping on a spankin new litrebike with no experience.....
  5. Just getting the kilometres recorded wouldn't really achieve much.

    You'd have people lending bikes to their mates or relatives in order to bump the kilometres up and get them off their restrictions that much faster.
  6. Yep.. I agree there has to be some sort of 250 law.. Especially in QLD..

    My husband and I did qride and got our full open licence.. However we both decided that we would buy 250's to start on instead of a bigger bike.. My cousin went out and bought a new cbr600r and crashed it within a month.. Sure 250's don't go the fastest but they learn ya good on the skills

  7. I have reservations with regards the 2Fiddy laws in Victoria.
    #1 Ya gotta buy a 2fiddy=freedom of choice..gone!
    #2 Some of these bikes will hurl riders around at a faster clip than some 600s...ie Aprilia/RGV and so on so no real speed restrictions there.
    #3 Some 2fiddys lack the power needed to pass wind let alone another vehicle...ie Viagra/CB...making overtaking very dodgy.
    Still it could have been worse we could all have been CONDITIONED to accept a 125 or small scooter as the required learner bike.
  8. yer, thats why you'd set it fairly high. i'd think 10,000ks would be enuff, but they could make it 15,000 and i wouldn't care. you cant tell me you'd lend your bike to someone so that they could clock up 15000ks for you? :shock:

    i reckon it would work a treat, might cost a bit more for the gov, but arent they trying to cut the road toll? thats what they keep telling us anyways :LOL:
  9. and yer, thats why NSW have it right eh. its all about power to weight, my bandit 250 was faster to 100 than my dads old XJ750. sure his will keep going after that where i had nothing past 120-130 and he'd be able to gain 50kg without much performance loss but thats a massive difference in displacement with fark all speed difference. and yer, what about these cruisers that struggle to sit on 100? thats just BS, let em ride 500s or something, its much more dangerous to have your speed dictated by the wind than to have a little extra grunt i think....
  10. Just wondering if Randy was seperated from his twin at birth :?: