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Australian Wheelie Race Championship event on this Easter at Heathcote Park !!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by heathcotepark, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. The management of Heathcote Park Raceway have announced $3000.00 in prizemoney for the Wheelie Race disipline at one of two massive new events on their annual calendar – Mayhem and Chaos. The first of these two new events takes place on the Saturday and Sunday of the coming Easter long weekend, April 23rd and 24th, 2011 and will feature a Motorcycle Wheelie Race Championship event.

    This first event, called Mayhem, promises to deliver more of what Victorian performance enthusiasts have been asking for with a Burnout Pad, Powerskid competition, Go to Whoa, a dial your own Drag Racing comp, Demolition Derby and lots more.

    Bike fans won’t be disappointed with our Wheelie Racing Championship event, that’s right Wheelie Racing – it’s just like a quarter mile drag race only on one wheel ! There's two classes, Pro and Amateur with the pros racing over the full Quarter Mile on the longest permanent Drag Strip in the country. Amateurs will race over a shortened 200m track, it's bike vs bike, lane vs lane, first past the post is the winner but you have do it all on the back wheel !

    Rules and more information can be found on the Heathcote PArk website: www.heathcoteraceway.com.au and fol...out at [url]www.store.heathcoteraceway.com.au or visit our homepage and follow the links to the online store.

    Chaos, the second of the two new events will be held in the summer months and will feature Victoria’s largest water sports park, complete with a Jet Boat Racing course and a Wakeboard facility, you heard me right – a Wakeboard Facility at Heathcote Park !

    Get along to Mayhem and be a part of the entertainment revolution, two days of jam-packed motorsports with non-stop action from 10am till midnight across Saturday and Sunday of the Easter long weekend.
    Heathcote Park Raceway encourages the responsible consumption of alcohol in designated areas only. Please don’t not Drink & Drive.

    Camping facilities have been provided at a reasonable cost and across extra days to ensure both competitors and spectators do not have to leave the premises if they have been consuming alcohol.

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  2. Technically you've contravened the T&C's, but this is probably an event worth supporting!

    Go to the calendar and put all this information there... please, or else Admin is likely to pull the post.
  3. Damn not the Heathcote I was thinking of :(
  4. Uno_motorcycle.
  5. hahaha i like it. wonder how you wheelie something with one wheel ?
  6. Hell yeah sounds like a good weekend!
  7. am i the only one picturing bikes backflipping at 180km/h and fairings going everywhere??

    haha what great idea for racing.
  8. Nah I find bikes are far more stable at 180 on the back wheel than at say 40. If I was in Vic and had access to a thousand I'd give the ammature one a go! You can't do wheelies legally anywhere so it would be fun.
  9. Hopefully the Admin wont. The calender is stupid, unwieldy and the rationale for enforcing it's use is contradictory at best. If people want to find out what's happening in their state, they should just come and visit the site.

    On topic. It would be nice to see Lukey Luke and Matt Mingay go head to head on the back wheel. I can't wheelie so I'll be going in the bikini comp.
  10. This is one for Kishy, He's good on the back wheel,
  11. Tsk Tsk, we don't use names for a reason mate.