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Australian Top Gear

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by say_wat, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. I didn't think they could make it this bad and amateurish if they'd intentionally tried. I gave it two weeks before forming an opinion on it and all I can say is that it is utter rubbish, and I'd rather watch old re-runs of the original Top Gear than this any day. The script writing and dialogue are atrocious and not funny in the least bit, I was sitting there making jokes in my head just so that I could last the whole hour...

    What in the world were they thinking. Had they made something very different, with a distinct Australian flavour, rather than a retarded test-clone of the UK Top Gear, I'd be inclined to give it more respect.

    Get rid of the Stig, and put in a bloody "Bogan", heck ANYTHING would be an improvement from these four characters devoid of personality and humor!

    Honestly, Drive.com.au videos are so much better...
  2. Actually, apart from the silly Smart-Car hearse bit at the end, I thought it was a big improvement on the first week.

    But as I said at the start, if they made it just like TG-UK, people would have complained about no originality, and if they make it different, people complain that it's not enough LIKE. They can't win.
  3. It's like a cheap knock-off of your favorite pair of jeans. Look the part but really you're losing all feeling to your nuts.

    I'll take re-runs of the good ol original any day.

  4. Agree with Hornet. Also,may be a bit too early for the guys to gel. Charlie Cox seems to be trying a bit too hard and looks a little uncomfortable. I'm happy to give it a few weeks before deciding! I think the camera work has a professional look about!
  5. I haven't watched it yet Paul, but it does beg the question, why bother? TG-UK works because of the characters. I don't know if there is a formula that can actually be followed that ensure success. The very Englishness of May, the ribbing of Clarkson and their interaction with the Hamster is what makes it. Lose any one of those people and it would struggle to find its feet again.

    Why this need to remake what is a very funny and entertaining program?
  6. nope. I lasted 10 minutes of episode one. I've got loads better things to do with my time than watch this drivel
  7. Don't bother. Watch Steve Vizard instead.
  8. I half agree with you hornet. I mean, i don't think anyone in their right mind would complain about originality - except if it is done poorly. They could've won had they thought it through properly, rather than unsuccessfully trying to apply a 'formula' (thanks cejay) to make money from the Australian market.

    Lets be honest, we can do with a good prime time comedic car/bike show in Australia, we dont have anything of the sort whereas the UK has two successful shows (Fifth Gear and Top Gear) - I know I would've enjoyed an original car/bike show . There is a market, its about engaging us properly.

    Remember, Top Gear didn't start off the way it is right now, they were genuine and original and developed or 'grew' in what they are. Thats what we need here - there are many ways to skin the proverbial cat.
  9. :rofl: that would be hilarious!! a guy dressed in stubbies, a wife beater, thongs and does test rides with the car full of empty tinnies, with acca dacca blaring on the radio :LOL:
  10. i'll give it one more week...half the show was a waste of time and i was disappointed the stig dodn't do a lap with the hsv or fpv.
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    I have visions of Poita doing his thing! But alas Eric Bana is way too popular to bring him back. :(


  12. I was watching Old re-runs by chance last night, when I found out that the Aus one was on… I gave it 5 minutes of my life then went back to the re-runs.
    It was seriously $H!T
  13. I think where I'm let down by it is that when the UK guys do a 'test' of a car, you're reasonably satisfied at the end that they have covered the good and the bad and said most of what could be said. The comparo between the Holden and the Ford started out poorly with the cars not being equal (6 vs V8) and was as shallow as a summer sun-shower. It was just an excuse to hoon around in two cars. I know Clarkson hoons around too, but he's telling you useful stuff while he's doing it.

    And Charlie IS trying too hard.
  14. I agree with the thought that Australian Top Gear is a bit more "shallow" than UK Top Gear (though the Ford GT RHD review wasn't bad, aside from them needing a wider angle lens to make the cockpit less cramped).

    I had thought maybe all the segments were super-shallow in the first episode because they wanted to cram everything into a 1 hour show, and I think there was some improvement in the 2nd show (Ford GT review, dumptruck racing).

    Oddly, a lot of the Holden vs Ford discussion got interesting and useful at the end of the segment, just as they were packing things up. :?

    Would have liked them to do an "overview" of the track at Camden Airport - UK Top Gear devoted a good 5-10 minutes talking about their track layout, showing maps, explaining each corner and what sort of behaviour the corners should provoke. Compare and contrast with AUS Top Gear, "Look out, it's the Question Mark!!!!!!!!1" Uhm.. why? is there something we should know about it? We've never even heard of it before!

    Speaking of the track... I still think they need a sweeper truck to fix the dust problem at Camden Airport! I keep expecting them to put a "D" on the Power Laps times, for "Dirt Road"!!

    Seriously, it seems to be an Australian thing where presenters all feel the need to shout at each other. If the technology available allows the microphone to pick up the snick of bat against ball at the MCG with 100,000 spectators all screaming in the background, then surely it can pick up words said at normal voice in the TV studio.

    At least there's not the anti-motorcycle prejudices expressed by Clarkson so maybe we might get some bikes on there eventually. :wink:
  16. I give it a big FAIL

    - the main presenter looks like a relic from the 80s and is arrogant as hell

    - Why on earth would you compare a naturally aspirated v8 with a turbo v6?

    - All I learned from the holden vs ford segment is that they are both great for bogans to do burnouts and drifting in.....

    - Never watch the last 15 minutes. The Warren brown segments are shite.

    Looks like I'm gonna be hitting BT for some new UK episodes.....
  17. I haven't had the fortune (or is that misfortune) to catch any aussie top gear yet, but it would have to be better then that stinking heap of shite otherwise known as nine's 'the car show'...
  18. I was in last night's episode! I think... I might have been cut out, was in the audience though. Haven't watched it yet. The hangar they film it in at Bankstown airport was like an oven :(.
  19. Sheesh, they're all over the shop. Test track is at Camden airport, studio filming is at Bankstown... :LOL:
  20. They're starting off slow but I'll give em a chance, I mean what's our Aussie alternative? Glenn Ridge just doing informercials for manufacturers?

    Whathisface moves his hands too friggen much and they all talk too fast!

    I agree with them strapping off the UK show too much, but hopefully the Aussie-ness comes through and they'll settle into their own show.