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Australian superbikes - this weekend

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by 99sydrd, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. I've been informed the Australian Superbikes are on this weekend at Eastern creek. I'm going down there to watch on sunday apparently tv coverage doesnt do it justice.

    $80 admission , no exactly cheap but Should be a good day.

    Do the big guns ride in this event i.e Corsa and Baylis.

    Anyone else going?

  2. Good Day

    Hey there,

    Not going myself but hubby racing in Formula Extreme B & C grade. Corsa and Baylis on world curcuit so no hope seeing them at Aussie Superbikes. Names and riders to look out for though: Jamie and Danny Stauffer, Kevin Curtain and Shawn Giles. No TV coverage as it was pulled earlier in the year, i believe channel 10 is picking it up next year.

    I guess it is expensive (never really paid to get in) but also heaps of racing to watch. Mind you i'm usually out back of pits doing my best to keep kids busy and out from everyones feet. Last round our 4 year old helpped daddy by Mr Sheening his tires. Mmmmm pretty funny really. Our other boy (2years) nicks everyones gloves and runs around being the Hulk. Must say the other team members are bloddy tolerant!!!

    Look out for #48, bring your own food, more expensive then entry! and whilst enjoying the racing, think about all the wife's and girlfriends left behind to do all the work...
  3. Re: Good Day

    JK, that's hilarious.

    But the kids now 5 years old, gotta get him to Mr Sheen the oppositions tyres instead! :rofl:
  4. LOL :LOL:

    Good advice :idea: Still 4 yrs but nearly 5 - old enough to learn real competitive behaviour!!!

    A Story for his 18th perhaps ...