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Australian Superbike School - Phillip Island

Discussion in 'VIC' started by zx14, May 16, 2005.

  1. Is anyone out there interested in attending a level 1 superbike school?

    The link below is their schedule for the year (for Phillip Island).


    Pricing is $399 for a weekday event, $429 for a weekend - although I'm thinking if we get enough people together we might be able to get some sort of a bulk purchase discount..

    A couple of side notes
    1) they have bikes and gear available if you don't want to risk your own bike (although I figure that sorta defeats the purpose of learning the skills if you're not applying them to your own bike).

    2) They have a bike with a camera mounted on a rack at the back so you can record and compare your hot lap to their pre-recorded one.. (Can't remember the $'s for this but it wasn't too excessive)..

    I'm thinking of Saturday 29th. I'm also thinking I'll book a room at a local hotel so the wife and I don't have to ride home after a long day on the track.. (might even be able to get a discount at the hotel if others have the same idea)..

    Anyway, is anyone else interested in attending one of these days??


  2. Funny you brought it up, this was on my mind too.

    Love to. Sat 29th would be great for me.
  3. How much experience do you guys reckon you'ld need before doing this and will they let me in on a two-fiddy?

    Been thinking I might do at least a level 1 when I get my Ps.
  4. Can you ride a bike?

    It's a cornering school & everybody is there to learn. So long as know how to operate a bike you'll be fine.

    The main thing is to go with the right attitude - that is, it isn't a race day & the idea isn't to go as fast as you can. I reckon if you can spare the cash, go.

    They usually have some top riders helping with the instruction (Olivier Jacques is one that springs to mind, until he was poached to ride some sort of Kawasaki a few weeks ago).
  5. Not sure what licence requirements are though. Better check with them for that.
  6. No problems using a 250 at the Superbike school, and yes - you just need to be licensed
  7. Cool, I'll put some cash aside then.

    Realise it isn't a track day. I'm very much a "take it easy and learn as much as possible" kinda guy. So far it's worked out pretty well.
  8. mmm, I wouldn't mind but it all comes down to cash.

    also this time of year is cold down there... might wait.

    /me goes off to think about it again & again & again
  9. ZX12r,

    I believe that The Waves Apartments offer heavily discounted rates for Aus Superbike School and Phillip Island Rides Day Participants. Very nice place to stay. I've been many a time.
    I am interested to do level 4 in the future. :)

  10. I might check with Steve and see if it's ok to come to the track and take Photo's of some riders.
  11. Hmm, could be interested in this one. dont suppose you can garentee good weather?
  12. *Falls to knees* "We are not worthy!!!"

    Sounds like a seriously good time.
  13. Mmmm. Love to, but not sure about the readies.
    When would we need to book by?
  14. I did level 1 ages ago.... obviously too far back ago given my off out of siberia recently?!?! [I pick up the bike on Wednesday. yay!]

    BUT what I'd say to those that are going, and I've said this here before, **don't fight the teaching method**. It seems arse about, but it works!

    You'll get a full fang session at the end of the day so take the time each track session to get the point of the lesson. You'll appreciate it.

    Hopefully Superbike school have rectified their ride leader/tutor mess that I experienced when I went. When it was track time, all riders hit the track in no particular order. You were allocated a group but the group leader circulated amongst the track to find his riders. Feedback was valiantly attempted...

    You'd get so much more bang for the buck if your group went out as a group with the ride leader leading the first lap demonstrating the skill then checking out each rider in turn and given direct feedback.

    Ah well... My 2bob.

  15. i did level 1 about a year ago and it was really good. Steve Brouggy knows what he's on about, he breaks everything down and makes things very simple. Covers skills like throttle control, turning points, quick turning, being smooth and then ties all the skills in in a two step turning drill.

    I'm keen to do level 2, if anyone is up for trying to get a group booking discount keep me posted.
  16. Sounds good.. I think staying Friday and Saturday nights is a damn good idea as riding home from a track day is hard enough, let alone a training day..

    If you're up to Level 4 with them, how was level 2 and 3? Did it make a difference to your riding style?

    My wife did Level 1 at Sandown on a GPX250 and it changed her from a being scared to lean to nigh on scraping the pegs! :D

    I've done some training over in Perth when I was there and I've completed level 9 -> 11 at HART and have enjoyed all of them so figure I should try Superbike School and see what they're like..

    As for when do we need to book - probably the earlier the better but I'd like to try for a group discount so we need to get some numbers together before asking..

    Guess we'll see over who puts their hand up.. (more importantly who comes through with the cash when it comes time to book)

  17. ive tried the group thing before.... we had alot of guys wanting to go but steve wasnt up for it, and wasnt willing to give any discount for any group! but hey its his business
  18. I agree.
    Might even take the Monday off too & make a really long weekend of it (it is Melbourne Cup weekend, after all).
  19. Another hot tip... better to trailer your bike in! Very hard to ride a busted bike if the worst should happen!

    Go for it fellas.