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NSW Australian superbike championship EC

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Kargo, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. Does anyone know if the Australian superbike championship at eastern creek today will be televised or available on the net live?

    I can't seem to find any info and am trying to decide if I should drive out to the creek to watch it. I don't think the viewing stand arrangement at the creek is very good (only get the grand stand at the straight?). Anyone else going out there?
  2. The trick is to drive around to t2, t6, t12 and watch from there.

    Did you end up going? I did, it was awesome!
  3. Nah I didn't go :-( next time they have an event out there I'll go

    Any idea if there will be on track footage uploaded on the web? I'm keen to see on board footage so I can see how the experts ride the creek
  4. Damn you missed out today. Superstock was the highlight for me watching some rockstar back-ins in T6
  5. I didn't go out there today but saw this come up on FB, bit intense!
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  6. That guy that gets passed with the orange wheels is farking amazing, I've seen him out a few times, he was doing the best back-ins, he came second in most races that I saw, it seems like he's out muscled in the horsepower department but makes up for it in the corners.

    I was looking at the results on the web this morning, the fastest guy in supersport was clocked at 271kph, almost 10kph higher than the next guy WTF
  7. dam that was very close, wonder if he smacked the other guy in the ass when he went past :ROFLMAO:
  8. Nah just gave him a wave and almost got his arm ripped off ;)
  9. lol that was onboard footage from SA's Daniel Falzon. Apparently the guy in front had gear changing / shift issues.

    backing it in looks cool as hell but it's not fast.
  10. The ASBK isn't telecast unfortunately :(
  11. The rider in front is Aiden Wagner :)
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  12. It seemed to work for Wagner! I was watching the practice on Friday and noticed alot of guys trying it and definitely going slower as a result. Alot miss the apex and go wide or end up having to roll on way too late but when you see them get it right it's spectacular
  13. a lot of the improvements were tyres... seems the go-to tyre choice is the Pirelli Supercorsa V2s... everyone is raving about these tyres as being the absolute mutt's nutts. A lot of the guys on 600s at ASBK were using the SC0 on the back and they are supposedly phenomenal for grip. Start sliding a bit after 7 or so laps hard on the power but by that time in a 12 lap race you've pulled well in front.
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  14. What do you race in Julie?
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  15. Isn't the UK N-Tec the tyre of choice?

    Hence why the superstock bikes were so close to the superbikes in lap times.
  16. I'm a lowly club racer in SA Lilley. Race the mighty 2010 Hyo GT650 mostly in SA. Doing the Pirelli series round at the island with a merry band of SA muppets in a few weeks.

    Reason I know about the tyres is from word round the pits plus a mate who rides was at the ASBK meeting with Dan Falzon. A lot of the boys racing in SA are looking to get their hands on the V2 supercorsas.
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  17. good video from the day