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Australian Super Motos?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Grey Gentry, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. The second round of the above competition is being held in Mildura this weekend. Had a look at qualifing and the first leg yesterday, and was impressed with the riders.
    Do we (NR) have any riders in that group?

    Oh it must be easier to ride on the tar, as the only offs I seen was on the dirt. :? :p
  2. If you go, tell us what it was like.
  3. Not sure about others but Devotard is in NR and he would likely be racing

  4. Yeah I would have been there but still not 100% happy with an injury from the 1st round. I hear it was challenging, and then very wet.

    Results are here:
  5. Theres a few others who are / have been member here.
  6. Thanks for the computime link. That mob go far and wide, don't they?
  7. I didn't get to Sundays runs..but the local rag reported the rain made the dirt track unridable, so the organisers revamp the track to only (I think) to include the bitumen. It made a max of 11.4C...was cold for here.
  8. Good racing to watch, hopefully it will build steam again in 2009 after missing a couple of factory supported teams for this year.
  9. Not racing it this year Alex?

  10. I was there and I raced in C Grade Novice for the first time.
    Was the best weekend I've had on my new Aprilia SXV 450 ever.
    As others have said the track was awesome and the dirt sections were damp from overnight rain and were very, very slippery with slicks on.
    They cut the dirt sections out for races 3 and 4 and re configured it to an all tar event due to the heavy rain and hail on Sunday arvo.
    Overall an awesome event and watching the pro S1 S2 riders was something to behold.
    I'm seriuosly contemplating doing round 3 in Perth as well.
    Just need to sort out freight from Melb and back again.

    Loads of pics from both days here

    Cheers Markee #307

  11. Do it Mark. ;)

    Really looking forward to Perth. They're going to put on a good show. Blocked off public roads for a street circuit, trucking in dirt, a couple of good bands, and WA has one of the healthiest motard club series in Aus.