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Australian Story on ABC TV

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MVrog, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Australian Story , on ABC TV, monday 7 th Feb, will be worth watching. it is about a man named Doug Sunderland, who is a lifetime rider.

    He is known to me, as the Chief Steward of Racing, years ago now. He was a hard, but fair Steward, who would fine you a cherry ripe, rather than money, for any breach of the rules.

    Johnny O, from this forum, must have spent a fortune on them, as he was always in a bit of strife, back in those days.

    I reckon it will be worth a look, but you can make up your own mind.

  2. I bought my Cavalry Of One gear to support his trip round OZ. Thanks for the headsup. Got the DVR programmed and ready to go.
  3. You sure, the Australian Story Web Site says 7-2-11 is Maggie MacKellar??

    Doug is certainly a character having worked with him on may occasions at Winton at car events.
  4. Doug is one of the great characters of Australia motorsport.

    I remember at a C-Grade meeting at Hume Weir (many centuries ago), Doug got up at the rider briefing and announced that we would not be accepting any stupid excuses for crashes (oil on the track, etc, etc.). There had been a slew of crashes at the previous Hume Weir meeting and the ACU appointed Doug to make sure it didn't happen again. He said "Youse guys know that most of the time you crash it's something you did, so don't come and tell me otherwise!"

    Needless to say there were few crashes that meeting and the reports to Doug as Clerk of the Course were unusually honest :LOL:.
  5. Doug has a letter in the current amcn, stating 7 feb.on abc.
  6. Doug ALWAYS has letters in the motorcycle press; he's an obsessive letter-writer. He's a legend in the sport, that's for sure.
  7. Found this on the Calvary of One facebook page, posted about an hour ago:

    I also just read his letter in amcn about why he rides a Hyo 250 cruiser, I thought it was funny, seems like quite the character! Gonna have to tune in.
  8. Well, it wasn't him last night.
  9. Think you'll find it's next Monday like I suggested all along.
  10. bloody hope so.
  11. So what did we think of it??

    I've known Doug for quite a few years but haven't seen him for a while as he's winding back his officiating duties these days.
  12. Inspiring is the first word that comes to mind.

    For Doug himself first and foremost, but also for all the other riders along the way. Just made me feel good.

    His doctor deserves a medal, too.
  13. yeah great story and yes I agree, inspiring is the right word for it.

    Such an Aussie attitude!