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Australian Standard Sticker As1698

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by twainharte, May 26, 2010.

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  1. [​IMG]

    you're kidding, right?

  2. I maintain that it's utterly ridiculous that one cannot import a same-model helmet as one that is sold locally.
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  3. A shit stack of paperwork as well as ISO 9001 accreditation, constant quality control testing constant inspections constant helmet testing --- big big $$$ to put it mildly plus then you have manufacturers product liability insurance which runs into big bucks on items such as helmets

    Hell I may need to sell one of my testicles soon to keep financing it
  4. Really hope you get your own helmets out there. Would be nice to see. I can offer vasaline to make the process easier, sounds like you need it.
  5. When BMW can't be arsed even selling there helmets here any more you know something is really wrong.

    I get that it needs to meet a standard and I'm quite glad about that but why in $deity's name can't we recognise a few of the international ones as well?
  6. One of the reasons that BMW aren't bringing in a lot of their helmets is the cost. I'd be interested to know which ones you claim wouldn't pass the standard.

    When you are only selling a small number of top end helmets the time and cost of the testing are prohibitive. If it's at least $50,000 to get through the process then if you only expect to sell 100 helmets it's just uneconomic. You really price yourself out of the market. And that's the issue with the 1kg carbon fibre one.
  7. I would LOVE to hear about what the Australian standard for motorcycle helmets entails.
  8. I had a look at the SAI guideline pdf for it... Stops at chapter for - before the testing section - to see the rest you have to buy it for $37

  9. Without evidence to the contrary, I suspect any helmets being sold here are more than likely going to be coming off the same production line as their overseas brethren.

    Which brings me to a somewhat unrelated point, but on the subject of helmets: I'm told that most L and XL helmets are teh same shell with different internal pads. Could one then fit the L cheek pads to an "XL" helmet for a tighter fit? I've found my helmet has started to drop down on my forehead a little now that all the padding gas bedded in.
  10. ML - Don't they do random testing of batches to? As in they walking pick a few helmets and test them. So in the end you loose a certain number of helmets just to continue complying with the standard.
  11. Oh wow. So it's a case of we will test x amount, you have to pay for the testing plus cover the cost of lost product.
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    Take it from someone in the know that just because it looks the same on the outside -- does not mean its same on the inside

    Hahahahah -- yep I am truely getting shafted -- and thanks for the support

    It all stems from Australian Standards Org selling off the commercial arm to SAI global 30 odd years ago who want to keep this a closed market simply for their own survival financially

    They introduced the 5 ticks campaign in such a way as to convince everyone that this is a government body giving the 5 ticks approval when it fact it is not

    remember the thread about the helmet with the rear vision mirror here in net rider -- that guy couldnt come up with the $70,000 +++ needed for complaince --- so thats why he was trying to sell of the helmets he had in stock cheap ( half price )

    Plus the fact that the standard says no internal projections higher than 2 mm and those internal projections can only be for communications, life support or retention system

    He was basically breaking the law trying to sell his helmets as well because of part 65c of the trade practices act forbids the sale of goods by a commercial entity to the public if those goods fall under or are subject too an Australian standard --- this means that any one selling a "race only use helmet " is also breaking the law -- should you smash your head you will have grounds to sue the person who sold it to you.

    I assure you also that the Australian Standard is the toughest one in the world to pass - a lot of BMW helmets can not pass the standard as they are now

    They have a 1kg carbon fibre unit that isnt tough enough to pass AS1698 testing but good enough to pass ece 22-05

    Exactly -- and as I said their Carbon Fibre 1kg unit is one that wont pass our standard as an example

    Geeth said it -- bending yourself forward at the waist and greasing your self up

    Now that I am more " in the know " I actually appreciate the Australian Standard as my head is irreplaceable

    and I do not say that from a standpoint of a financially vested interest

    Yep --- but there is something like 10 other standards that have to be adhered to in respect to construction , quality and testing procedures

    its alot more than just AS1698

    AS1698 approval is just the end result of adhering too and complying with 10 other standards

    basically the further you dig into it -- the more you feel like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer for the stupidity of ever getting involved

    remember that big companies like arai and shoei made there money before a standard came in -- was easy for them to adapt and spend the $$$ required

    oh by the way -- you have to do the process for every model helmet you produce

    Grue as much as I respect your comments in Netrider and intellect

    I will say "close but no Banana"

    My helmets have interchangeable cheek pads between all the sizes from xs to xxl -- the whole internals are interchangeable between sizes -- allows for the perfect custom fit

    anywhere between 60 to 100 helmets can be randomly picked for testing dependant on batch size -- which you have to pay for by the way

    That is correct Geeth

    I was no expert on helmets but I am fast becoming one :)

    Think about this -- those that certify the helmet take on as big a risk ( bigger actually ) than the manufacturer --- should it not comply due to negligence of the certifiers then they are up for big law suits should a person suffer head injuries.

    This leads to huge costs in insurance cover as well

    Now you have a better idea why helmets cost a lot more here

    before i used to complain like many do about the cost difference when i looked further into I can see why -- but can also see the benefit of it as well

    DOT is a self regulating standard where manufacturers comply with FMVSS guidelines
  13. Interesting. Now to find where the hell I can get replacement cheek pads for AGV GP Pro 8-[
  14. the cheek pads etc should be the same Grue -- its the EPS liner and shell composition that I am talking about
  15. Ohhhh. Well, piss.
  16. In theory not on topic from the OP but more useful IMO ML Im looking forward to your helmets being sorted out.Id love a light helmet for the track thats cheap(ish?) but still full on protection=D> Plus Ive only found a few helmets that fit my stylish noggin](*,) For street use most are OK but Ive found on the track you really need a nice tight fit.
  17. Do you have any details on how/why AS1698 is tough to pass??? I had heard that it wasn't tough to pass because it was safer, it was tough to pass because had some bizarre specs that were very different from BS/ECE/SNELL lets ignore DOT for now...
  18. What I don't understand is people say you're head is worth a lot and that you should only wear as1698 approved helmets etc but peoples heads elsewhere in the world is also precious and they use helmets that are snell & dot appproved but we can't use them. My cousin in Germany can use a Shoei XR1000 helmet which is snell and dot that he bought for 200 euro but I have to pay AUD 700 for the same helmet which is also snell & dot but as an addition has as1698.

    There's just too much bureaucracy with all these standards.
  19. Agree.

    There is no reason why an approved helmet in Europe, USA, Japan, etc should not be allowed to be used here.
    I understand some undeveloped countries may have very low or no standards but I guess it's more to do with policing the whole thing.
    Wouldn't suprise me if it's also to do with protecting the Aussie market which has nothing to do with safety.
  20. Like motolegion said earlier

    "It all stems from Australian Standards Org selling off the commercial arm to SAI global 30 odd years ago who want to keep this a closed market simply for their own survival financially"

    But fek I don't care about that and also would like to be able to purchase helmets for close to the price people pay for them in EU and alsewhere.
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