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VIC Australian Sex Party Fighting for us

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by fightingtiger, Jul 17, 2012.

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  1. ...there is voting this weekend? wtf?
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  2. Wow! If I were in Vic they'd have my vote.
  3. Get this woman elected people!

    And it's a by-election to replace Bronwyn Pike (retiring Labor member) for those thinking it's not election time.
  4. Id love to vote for them.. but what election?? i watch and read the news every day and i know nothing of a vote this weekend.. :S
  5. State seat for Melbourne by election.
  6. oh sit, I knew I forgot to change something.
  7. Who has she been talking too? Give that person a prize. Please make this known to all your friends. Even one seat can make all the difference.
  8. each voter gets a free hand shandy
  9. Logic… common sense… politics. I can't believe these are mixing.
  10. For those who can't access a URL with "sex" in it at work:

  11. hi all,
    I learned pretty young that I do not have what it takes to be motorbike rider I never thought I would get passionate about motorcycles and riding but here I am on rider forum! This is just the beginning of our motorcycle policy and I would really welcome any thoughts, suggestions, feedback, good and bad you have about what we should be including in policy. If you know any one who lives in inner Melbourne would love it if you could encourage them to vote for us. (If you agree with us that it. Cheers
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  12. I live in kensington... I haven't heard anything about voting anywhere?!?
  13. It’s a great thing to finally see a down to earth person reflecting the views of the greater majority. I will definitely urge all the people I know in the seat to vote for your party. Many thanks for taking the time and effort to recognise people that ride motorcycles.
  14. If I was in Melbourne, you'd definitely get my vote Fiona.

    Thank you for listening and actioning. :)
  15. I'd let her pillion on the back of my bike any day.
  16. I'm not great with politics when it comes to voting...but is this compulsory? I haven't heard anything about it nor do I know where the hell to go to vote. Public school? Nominated station? I don't want to cop a fine!
  17. I assume this is it?

  18. Get on board, Melbourne folk!
    And more power to you, Fiona - motorcycling needs a voice like yours in parliament, and I'll bet every biker who knows your policies is a vote in your pocket...
    I also have some experience on the fringe of the sex industry, so I applaud what you're doing there too...
    (Plus, I'm quite fond of sex myself...).
  19. Don't live in Melbourne.
    Was there Sunday night. It sucks.
    But I like sex....well having a fap.
    I'll just fap