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Australian road trip websites

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Dreison, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. Hey all, I'm planning to do a road trip at the end of July and was hoping to hear some suggestions for places to go in Victoria and south Australia. Any website suggestions?

  2. welcome to nr
  3. #1 suggestion.

    Get yourself a hema Australian Motorcycle atlas.

    It has a TOP 200 roads list, across all states,
  4. Good suggestion stu...
    But if you're as old as I am, get it with a magnifying glass..

    Maybe I need glasses...lol
  5. theres nothing worth seeing or doing in South Australia
  6. Thanks fo the replies!
    I've got some reading to do now.....
  7. Definitely get Hema's Motorcycle Atlas, its really well written and is the ultimate carry around guide to find good bike roads/tourist spots in any area of Australia, I've used it alongside a large fold out map of the state i'm touring every time, worked perfectly and didn't need anything else to plan many memorable trips ;)
  8. That IS a good website. Thanks for sharing.

  9. i like to use google maps to plan my trips, use street view to check road conditions and expected views to make sure you take a really nice senic route.

    and then for more remote roads i use http://maps.bonzle.com/c/a

    pretty much type in street name and state and it tells you heaps of info about topography, gradients, warnings about conditions and whether or not it is paved or gravel.
  10. The Great Ocean Road is a MUST!

    Give SA a miss & go up through the NT!