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Australian Population Explosion Continues

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Sir Ride Alot, Dec 19, 2011.

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  2. and that would be the muslim population
  3. I was going to make a comment about the same thing Goz.
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    God forbid dana vale might be right. Who woulda guessed.
  5. ...

  6. What? Is saying that racist or something?
  7. Muslims represent 1.7% of Australias population, saying they are they cause of an annual 1.4% increase in population is not racist, it's just idiotic.
  8. How much of it is Matt and Mez's fault? :)
  9. From the ABS document.

    Natural increase and net overseas migration contributed 47% and 53% respectively to total population growth for the year ended 30 June 2011.

    So only 0.742% increase overall due to migration. Hardly exploding. :)
  10. Australia's fertility rate is 1.78 (births per female). The increases we are seeing now are mainly due to increased life expectancy. Life expectancy will not continue increasing forever and then Australia's population, after a generational lag, will start falling based on natural increase. Migration is required to balance this.
  11. We are still a predominantly Christian country true, but what year have you based that stat on SD?

    What proportion of the natural growth is attributed to Muslim births? I saw some scare mongering recently pointing to 6 times the birth rate of non Muslims.
  12. http://www.dfat.gov.au/facts/religion.html

    1.7% was 2006 and yes it is a 70% increase since 1996 which is huge. This has mainly been driven by the change in migration due to wars in the arabic world. I don't know what the fertility rate is for muslims in Australia. Though, buddists and hindus have both increased a lot more over the same period.
  13. ISTR seeing that too, but, if I recall the debunking correctly, it was based on migrants who had large numbers of children pre-migration. Once migrants arrive in a prosperous and educated country one of the first things they do is to cease reproducing at such an extravagant rate.

    I'm actually far more scared that the birth rate of stupid people is probably 6 times greater than that for smart people but I don't see anyone banging on about that.
  14. Indeed. It's not because their religion is Islam, it's because they've migrated from places where large families are the norm.

    It's like saying Hindus eat more rice because they're Hindu... completely ignoring the fact that most Hindus are also Indians, and rice is a staple food in India.

    With you there :(.
  15. Plus we've been over these same pointless scare tactics in the 50s with European immigrants and in the 70s and 80s with Asians
    We seem to be doing okay.

    How about instead of fixing the 'boat people problem' we do something about fixing the people already here who are that easily led by whoever keeps running scare campaigns about non existant boat people problems.
  16. if people are desperate enough to migrate to South Australia.
    it's fair to assume they are genuinely desperate.
  17. Hahahaha! <tongue in cheek>especially if they are Muslim and Adelaide is the city of "Christian" Churches</tongue in cheek>

    That said, I call bunk - As previously posted, I am more concerned about the white trash degenerates who are multiplying and fouling society endlessly.

    There is a vast and growing culture of human garbage out there - most of whom are ignorant, white, Australian born and bred morons......

    Present company excluded of course.

    ::end of line
  18. Sounds fair enough.

    Idiocracy http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0387808/ take a stab at this. Kinda worth watching.