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Australian Oxford Distributor?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by hornet, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Can someone tell me the name of the Australian distributor for Oxford products, specifically heated grips?

    As you probably know, the other weekend I had to leave the bike out in the open for around three hours and when I got back to it, this is what I found.

    I'd like to talk to them about why this happened and what can be done to fix it....


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  2. Thank you gentlemen!!
  3. thats happening to mine aswell... i might email them too
  4. I'm glad I stayed old skool then with the rotating knob controller...
  5. Just emailed the picture to customer service, now to wait for a response
  6. i got a reply a bit back, asking for my address so they could send me on that has been tested in extreme heat.

    so im guessing it will be good till 30deg :)[DOUBLEPOST=1357601342,1355461933][/DOUBLEPOST]Hornet, have you got anything back from them yet?
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  7. Timely revival - my oxford grips have polished up and aren't very grippy - which adds a layer of difficulty to riding. I might try to talk to oxprod and see whether they tell me to POQ or do me a deal.
  8. I can say my grips went a bit tacky on friday after sitting in the sun for about 2 hours, all seems to be ok now, keeping an eye on them thou.
  9. Well, email sent... we'll see.
  10. when i got my grips originally, I fitted them and the switch was faulty (the grips heated up with the switch in any position!! Thankfully they simply swapped the switch over at the store (PS) bit hard to return the grips as there were well and truely stuck to the bike!
  11. i just got the 'improved, heat resistant' sticker in the mail... it has the same version number as my old one '.7a' so im not sure how long this one will last
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  12. Myself also. I'll be fitting it today, and seeing how it goes.

    I would have thought it wouldn't be too hard for them to make it in a thin metal with glue on the back, actually.....
  13. i wouldhave thaught printing directly on the plastic or the controller would be the way to go, the only thing is that it would wear off eventually. but would last longer than the sticker
  14. ... agreed

    probably on the next model ...
  15. Oxford were unwilling to meet me part way on any kind of deal to rectify what was an OEM defect. The rubber has always been un grippy... well, I guess I'll be in the market for heated grips. How wide is the field these days?
  16. I hear it's heating up!
  17. Other brands like R & G racing might be an option, although I ended up breaking one of the grips and moved back to the Oxford sport heated grips. The R & G grips are more like the touring grips that Oxford have, which aren't very grippy.

    Just a quick question, which Oxford grips do you have? The sport or the touring grips? I know the sport ones I have fitted, the clutch side is starting to wear due to commuting and is providing a little less grip.

    I have also received my new sticker today and have fitted it, it's notably less thicker than the old crappy plastic one.
  18. Dunno whether it's touring or sports... it was a set of hot grips.