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Australian Open

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. Time for Hewitt to get smashed by the SERB :D

  2. I was disappointed hewitt made it through the previous round.
  3. lol if a cro was playing hewitt id support the cro bwaa
  4. Isn't it Serbian new year soon?
  5. 9 days ago :)
  6. He is hard to like.
  7. and slammed!
  8. He was pretty much slammed but at least winning a set made it watchable (although TBH i did fall asleep before the end).

    What gets me is the commentators remarks before the match trying to build it up as if he any chance against Novak. C'mon!!!!! get real, have some integrity. Good sporting events generate their own drama, trying to talk it up only cheapens it.
  9. Hewitt got Serbed wooo
  10. My records will inidcate that you have been SERBED!
  11. Can't stand Joker. gets his sook on every time things go against him.
  12. While the guy is a wanker, it is a good point made that he's the only one to get a break on djokovic so far.
  13. what a game, legend
  14. Andy Murray is so frustrating. How many chances did he have last night to bury Djokovic but choked?? Mind you, his girlfriend is something to see!!!