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Australian Motorist Enthusiasts Party elected to Senate

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by simon varley, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. #1 simon varley, Sep 8, 2013
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    with 60% counted, looks like they've just squeaked in at no 6.

    not sure if it will make any difference whatsoever, but it must show some dissatisfaction with the majors.

    it went all the way to count 35 and preferences in the 50's and 60's. I can't believe that's the best way to run an election even if I don't immediately disagree with the results.

  2. Sadly unless there is a double dissolution, Labour and the Greens still hold he balance of power in the Senate until July 2014,
    This may mean that the government overwhelmingly elected by the people will struggle to implement many of it's changes including the abolition of the Carbon Tax.
    A good mix of independants in he Senate is a good thing for sure, and if one of them has the ear of motorists that is even better.
  3. Not true fella. Looks like Abbott has an easy path through the senate with this guy, 2 PUPs and a family first. Labor and greens have no blocking power. The country is farked. I want my not happy Tony bumper sticker now.
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  4. If everyone else vote together, they can still block stuff, no? 'Course, the Motoring and Sports parties are a bit unknown at this point, so there's no telling which way they'll generally go.

    Anyway, I'm hoping they all can get along well enough to stop the Libs doing anything that'll do too much damage* :-/.

    *Bear in mind that I'd say much the same if it were Labour in parliament. Not good for any one power to have complete control over the whole system.
  5. My main concern with the AMEP and PUP is that they're likely to help the Liberals abolish the carbon price. That's doing a lot of damage in my book.
  6. carbon tax is one of the main reason labour is now out
    wtf do you people want more tax for ? .
    just dont get people actually want more tax in this country

    motorist party may not actually suport motorcyclist , in fact they may want us gone ?
  7. Easy fixed, someone from his electorate send him an email and ask him.
  8. How about going to the source?
  9. This may help

    We welcome you and we encourage your input.
  10. The Australian Sports Party could fight for recreational riders too. They have a dirt bike on their home page.
  11. It may be an idea for the vmc to get our elected senator onside
  12. If the senators die then the state governments get to block new ones. A lot of conservative states....

  13. They don't need to mention riders, or any other road user groups.

    The AMEP was formed few months ago due to various state governments toughing up anti-hooning and vehicle confiscation legislation. 1.1.1(a) of their Constitution states their objective is:

    "To promote and foster due consideration for the freedoms and beliefs of the motor enthusiast community regardless of motoring discipline"

    They support motorcycles none-the-less.


    "The Australian Motorist Party aims to represent the interests of all motorists and motorcyclists in New South Wales"


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  14. at the risk of derailing the thread. the reason I want this tax is that I can choose not to pay it by modifying my behavior, and maybe, just maybe, it'll help lower the CO2 in the atmosphere.
    • Massive electricity price hike? Move my supplier to one who sources green energy that doesn't attract the tax
    • massive fuel price hike? Ride the bike not the cage
    • food costs go up? well I eat way too much anyway and maybe I'll now put less food waste into landfill.
    anything that forces us to use up less of a finite resource is good in my book
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    yer I and obviously many others disagree with you simon , but yes wrong thread so I agree to to disagree .
    Fortunately we have elections to sort these issues out and its sorted ).
  16. Simon and other carbon tax crusaders, take the off topic stuff to another thread please.
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    its his thread smee.... ).
    but yes its my fault I think - soz
  18. Doesn't matter who started the thread the off topic stuff belongs in another thread