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Australian Motorcyclist's Party?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by dan, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. Yes, no question if they have the right policies

  2. Yes, if their preferences went to a party I like

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  3. Maybe, depends on their policies

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  4. Maybe, I'd wait to see how other riders feel

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  5. No, It's a waste of a vote

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  6. No, I believe the party I vote for looks out for us

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  1. This article got me thinking - if the Fishing Party can attract 30,000 votes and get some sway, and the old Shooter's party etc... I wonder what effects a Motorcyclist party would have.

    A lot of these movements started out due to pressure being applied by governments on their activities, and their sole aim is to be a lobbying force by hitting the government where it hurts - votes and preferences.

    What are people's thoughts?

  2. Good thing I read your post first, I was about to say I have an Australian Motorcyclist Party every Friday night in Summer :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. Of course the Fishing people have a bigger base. Something over half a million Australians went fishing last year.

    You left out one option: "I only get one vote and there are more important issues than motorcycling".

    I want to see the lying weasel get his come-uppance at the next election.
  4. So are Netrider going to produce the

    "I ride & I vote"

    bumper stickers?

    Like what?

    Traffic Congestion in our big cities? Easy, get everyone to buy a motorbike.

    Drive-by shootings a problem? Not anymore, now that everyone's on a motorbike.

    Petrol prices driving you up the wall? No problems, get a motorbike.

    Divorce and Suicide rates spiralling out of control? Not a worry when people can just go for a ride to clear their heads of all Non-Zenlike thoughts...

    Trade deficit a problem? No worries, let's invest in some Australian made motorbike companies... (Yeah, this one is stretchiong the imagination a little far...)
  5. That goes without saying, that's why I included the preferences thingy. I suppose I am fairly neutral when it comes to politics, I believe the beauracracy weilds much of the power in this country, regardless of who is at the helm, and that both parties want to see us a prosperous and healthy nation.

    Motorcycling is my passion, but seems to be something that both parties are ignoring. If we had a voice, maybe decisions like WRB and the Levy might not be so flippant. Obviously there are bigger things in life that riding (or fishing/shooting for that matter) but maybe it's time we sent whoever is in power a message.
  6. If I remember my Legal/Political studies from high school, you only need about 300 members to form a party don't you? How many Netriders are there?

    I can just see it:

    "The house would like to recognise the honourable Groberts to make his maiden speech..."
  7. Lucky it's a speech and not a poorly spell-checked press statement :LOL:
  8. I'll buy one.

    Anything Brendan Nelson has done lately.
    IR "reform"
    The rise of government inspired 'terrorism' (still got your fridge magnet?)
    The shame I feel these days when I travel abroad.
    A government that tolerates not only Bronwyn Bishop but one that allows Phillip Ruddock to remain at large in the community.
  9. Pet gripe time...
    ARRRRRRGH! You can decide where you want your preferences go. You do not need to follow how to vote cards nor do you HAVE to vote above the line. ARGH!

    Now that that's out of the way. They'd probably get a vote from me, depending on policy of course.
  10. You really know how to ruin someone's day... :x
  11. Motorcycle News ran for election in the UK at the last election. Nobody expected them to get anywhere but that wasn't the point, which was to raise the profile of motorcyclists.

    Would I vote for a motorcycle party?
    So long as I agreed with their policies and felt that they would be of benefit to me and my country, why not?
  12. OK a few facts and figures and some opinion
    Latest figures I could obtain quickly say that 37,173 NEW motorcycles were registered in 2003, a sharp rise of 9.3% over the previous year.
    The number of motorcycles on the road, if this stat:
    The number of motorcycles on the road in NSW has increased by 42% over the past ten years, from 74,000 in 1995 to over 105,000 in 2004. is any indication, must be at least as high as the number of people who said they fished in the same period.
    Cost of fishing? 50 bucks for some gear and 5 bucks for a day licence
    Cost of riding? d'uh!!!

    Now to the philosophical bit; Single-issue parties have NEVER succeeded in this country, at state or federal level. Even the huge ground-swell of public OPINION that rallied behind Pauline Hansen did NOT translate into votes where it counted.

    The Major parties gang up on any flimsy pretext on any party that is viewed as possibly diluting their vote, and the result is determined long before any ballot.

    Our best hope, as much as some may whinge, is creative pressure groups to get specific legislation up or changed. I know this sounds defeatist, but I'm just being realistic.
    And Mike, as much as I respect your opinions, this is NOT a debate about the Federal Government and its perceived ills; it's about what motorcyclists can do in the political arena. Let's stay on track here and not have a partisan debate, please.
  13. Heck, if there seems to be enough support Ill start one!!

    Policy wouldnt be all motorcycle related. A one platform party is never going to be taken seriously.
  14. Judging by the diversity of opinions on anything to do with motorcycling that we have here, the only issue that any of the members could agree on would be a slogan:

    "Bikes are good"...

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    On second thought make that " (substitute bike of riders choice here) is good, most others are barely acceptable"

    :p :p
  15. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :p

    which one? and which one do you want to lie to you next? :LOL:

    i think i might be one of those that can be classed as too cynical to vote. i honestly dont give a rats arse who's in power because they all lie and they all screw us :roll:

    then you've got the ppls that put in dummy votes, the ppls that are one eyed and NEVER change parties, the ppls that are too stupid to make a proper decision and the ppls like me that just dont care enuff because they think its all either rigged or a big game of pot luck :D

    screw politics, theres better things to waste your brain power on :wink:
  16. "All Bikes Are Good, But (name of preffered manufacturer) Are The Best!"

    I'm with Cowboy, just cause we start a party called the Australian Motorcyclist Party doesn't mean it's a one policy party. The A.M.P could have policies ranging through all sorts of arena's.

    Maybe if it was called the "Australian Social-Democratic-Workers-who-all just-happen-to-be-Motorcyclists-as-well Party", then it could have policies on everything, but focus on the motorcycling issues...

    But I still think a motorcycle only policy woudl still solve all our problems:

    Problem: Bronwyn Bishop is still alive.
    Solution: Strap her to a 'Busa with no brakes

    Problem: Phillip Ruddock (my local member-aaaargh! we'll never get rid of that lizard!) is still alive.
    Solution: Strap him to Bronwyn Bishop
  17. I have a shameful confession to make. A few years ago I was in Canberra and I nearly knocked down this stupid woman who stepped off the kerb in front of me. :oops:

    The shameful confession is that I didn't... :cry:

    (My only excuse was that I didn't realise it was Bronwyn Bishop until after I'd avoided her) :evil: :evil:
  18. I think "All bikes are equal, but some bikes are more equal then others" would better suit the current state of our democracy.

    Cynical? Me? Noooooooooooo. :wink:
  19. I'd vote for anything that involved a party!!!
    And, let's face it, motorcyclists sure know how to party!
  20. Serious?

    Coz if you are I'll get some made :)