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Australian Motorcycle Week, Tasmania?

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Gonz1, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. wanted to know if anyone here has been to or heard of or knows anyone who been to find out if its an event for all type of bikes and people and age groups, myself and two mates are thinking of going but dont want to be surounded totaly by oldies and have to follow them around the country side :shock:
    any input and thoughts would be great,

  2. I'm in Tas, but there was bugger all coverage or advertising about it down here.

    the Two wheels edition that came out in Jan (02/05 on the cover) has a write up on page 69 if you want more info on last years event.

    Anyway, even us old farts like to have fun... that's why we got bikes!

  3. We were there for the 2003 expo.

    There were riders of all ages.

    They ride around the island all week then they finish up at the expo.

    We didnt go last year but are planning on going this year as an exhibitor again, just as soon as the organiser reads his emails.
  4. I went to the inaugural event in Nov 03 and had an absolute blast, I would have gone again for the whole week but for work. I can highly recommend a trip to Tassie and this was as good a way of doing it.
  5. cool, yeh ive wanted to do it before but never had the chance to do it, but i can this year so ill keep looking into it but i recon i wont be disapointed!

    cheers yall,

    what did yas do for accomodation? do you just rough it or what?
  6. Called the organizer this morning, there's no firm date set yet but looks like 11th to 21st Nov.
    More info: 03-6228 2400
  7. cheers glitch_oz, ill be keeping a close eye out for it but im gonna do it for sure, ive heard good reports about it and im doing it with two other mates so i cant wait, i hear there is some great female talent in tazie too :wink:

  8. Yo, double-headed and all :LOL: :LOL:
  9. cool, ill be taking my handy cam then, should make for some great footage :shock: 8) :wink:
  10. I wanted to try strapping my digital still camera to my bike and videoing a few sequences through the twisties.....unfortuately my camera broke before I got down to Tassie. :cry: