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Australian Motorcycle Expo (melb)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Coltrane, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. Ok so its 13 days to go before the motorcycle expo in melbourne, is it reasonable to expect there would be some info around as to what will be there and what we can expect? i would have thought so...

    Would it also be reasonable to assume that the official website of the expo would be the place to go? again, not much of a stretch.

    Why then, is the absolutely NOTHING around for us to get excited about? I am really keen to go and check things out, as i am sure are many other netriders, but where are we supposed to go to get any idea what will be there?!? the official webiste is crap!!

    yes i have seen a couple of articles from manufacturers etc who are telling what might be there, but no pics. I want pics for this more than Ktulu does for a new bike thread...

    End Rant.
  2. How many others share the same view?

    If there is a few then I'll p=forward your concerns onto the people that matter.

  3. I was only checking the website myself on Tuesday, and surprised to see that it was largely empty of any usefull info, with dead links being the norm.
    I guess it is a goer?
  4. That would be awesome if you could, Vic! Thanks!

    Might generate some pre-event hype that is so desperately lacking at the moment..
  5. attractions
    --> program --> coming soon....
    --> what's on --> coming soon....

    it bloody better come soon - the show is on in 2 weeks
  6. I'm going and I'm spending but I'd like to see who's there before hand.

    Then I'm going to PS in Elizabeth St and placing all my stuff on their frigging counter and saying I would have bought all this from you last week but you were all busy talking amongst yourselves for 45 minutes. :mad:
  7. I'm with ya Coltrane.

    I had a look at their website in early September. Based on it, I saw no reason to go. Still the case. I can go to Ringwood and look at or sit on Ducatis, Harleys, Guzzis, and all the jap bikes for free. If you have something new (gee like the Vmax maybe?), tell us.

    Also, I find it ironic that they list how to get there by every form of transportation except motorcycle. Where do we park and what will it cost us? I don't imagine the expo centre staff will allow a few hundred motorbikes to be parked on the pavement at the entrance, so I can only assume they intend us to park in the underground carpark.

    If they have the cheek to make us pay the full car rate of $15 for two hours to use their underground carpark, then they can just forget about it.
  8. Yep, you can pass on my concerns.... Well maybe not all of them, just my concern about the shitness of the website. So far according to the website, there will not be any exhibits or attractions to see. There will not be any motorcycles or manafacturers showing off their products, nor will any other businesses be attending the event.

    I can't believe they want people to pay $17 to see an empty room. :shock:
  9. Indeed you can go to a bike shop and sit on bikes, but the expo is a little something more. It's a reason to get together with your friends and talk shit about bikes. Think of it as a coffee night, only it's during the day and you can actually point at how horn the ZOMGwtfBBQcbzxr1 is instead of just describing it.

    You park where ever you can find a spot, they will try to direct you to some designated areas, but it's melbourne so you park where you feel like it. I've never payed for parking my bike, including the few bike expos I've been to.

    If you take your NR member card you even get a discount on entry. The saturday night coffee night is usually pretty big during the expo....
  10. :LOL: Sounds great!
  11. 14,000sqm of exhibition space, along with an additional 1,500sqm of indoor active demonstration area.

    The event showcases an extensive range of the latest local and international motorcycle, scooter and ATV models to hit the market, as well as accessories, apparel, trade magazines, rider training services and much more.

    Meet Chad Reed - 6pm to 7pm, Thur

    An exact replica of the world's first ever motorcycle, built in 1885. Phil Mumenthaler has spent over 850 hours and close to $100,000 in recreating the Gottlieb Daimler, a wooden, gasoline-powered machine, entirely by hand.

    The Yamaha Showtime FMX team, with Crusty regulars Steve Mini, Kain Saul and Matt McFerran are set raise the roof on the Expo with their jaw-dropping range of tricks, including the backflip and backflip combinations.

    Sherco Australia's Victorian Trials duo Dylan Rees and Scott Owen will showcase a precise blend of balance, precision and power as they manoeuvre their way over a range of seemingly impassable obstacles.

    And the ever-popular Mini Moto Playground is back for 2008, a spectacle featuring adult riders on kids' bikes that has to be seen to be believed. Crowd favourite Browndog Superman has added an insane 360-degree trick to his arsenal, and will team up with the fearless Thomas Lee Motorcycles crew to put on an incredible show sure to entertain all ages.

    And I could possibly give a near complete list of exhibitors, if that's what people are after? Sorry, no pics or info though as to exactly what they'll have on their stands.
  12. Well do you at least have a copy of the kiosk menu? :)
  13. A list of exhibitors would be grand. I couldn't give a toss about moto-x demonstrations. What I and my friends want to see are new bikes, new gear, shit to buy and spandex ;)
  14. Be careful what you wish for on the spandex side or you just might end up with....

  15. I went last year, and if it's anything the same then there's lots of bikes to look at, a few Harly girls, and some stunt riders, which is cool! Last year I met Chris Vermeulen, and got his autograph. This year I heard Chad someone (....dirt bike rider) will be there.

    I was a bit dissapointed though as I thought there'd be LOADS of merchandise stalls, where I could buy a helmet, boots, gloves, etc, but there was nothing, so I'm going to assume that will remain the same this year.

    Still, i'm deffinately going!!! :LOL:
  16. Actually there will be stuff to buy this year.
  17. I'll probably find time to go this year as well... Last year I kinda went at the last minute so I didnt get to see much.

    Hopefully they have the stuff on the web site on soon so I know which I wanna go..
  18. Back to the advertising b!tch ..

    So the past couple of weeks while 10 has aired the SuperX , I guess those adds their been airing are just figments of my imagination ?
  19. It's being run by an organisation called Exhibitions and Trade Fairs - apparently one of Australia's "premier" exhibition organisers. :roll: If that's the case, I would be expecting a bit more from them if I were an exhibitor.

  20. Did someone want a copy of the Kiosk menu ???

    chips $8.00

    pie $ 24.00

    water $$ 32.00

    coke $$ 40.000

    standing in the long cue for 25 mins FREE :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: ( just like the footy )

    Yes take your own food and drink ,,,