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Australian Motorcycle Expo Gold Coast

Discussion in 'QLD' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. It's on again next week.

    Who is heading over to see the expo?

    Public Entry:
    Adults - $18

    Children - $13
    (5-15 years) - Under 5 Free

    Senior - $13
    (Must produce senior card)

    Family - $46
    (2 Adults 2 children)

    All tickets are available at the door.

    Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre
    Cnr Gold Coast Highway & TE Peters Drive
    Broadbeach, QLD

    19 - 21 February 2010

    Opening Times:

    Fri 10am - 8pm
    Sat 9am - 7pm
    Sun 9am - 5pm

    There is also discounted entry if you show them your Netrider Membership Card

    Seeing that it finishes at 7pm, at a guess, I'll be able to get out of there a little after 7pm. Across the road and down half a block is a Sushi train restaurant with my name on a seat. I'm going to stop in there for a fix of Sushi if anyone would care to join me just let me know.

  2. Hey Vic, I should be there on Sunday.

    Will track you down mate :)

    Now if you said people were welcome to join you at the pub for a beer.....
    but at Sushi...? [-(
  3. haha yeah i'll pass on the sushi but i may be there sunday mornin for a lil look see....
  4. The pub is happening on Friday night after the show ;)
  5. And don't forget Latte night on Sat?
  6. We went to the Brisbane Coffee meet 2 years ago. There were a heap of human impersonators there that rode motorcycles. We stayed for 15 minutes and left.

    The people that were there were about as friendly as a corpse.
  7. Hey Vic,

    probably cant make it there on the weekend, but I may be on the Gold Coast for work, on the Friday. If I am, will definitely stop in and say hi. Are you there in any capacity, or just up chillin ?

    Sorry us Qlders didn't offer better hospitality at the coffee meet.

  8. I'm working there again this year.

    Vic, don't scare people from our stall again.
  9. Hey quaterwit wich stall u warkin at?
  10. I'm on the Netrider Stand.
  11. Oi Vic, where were you this morning mate??!

    I was there for a couple of hours and kept popping past your stall but noone there! ](*,)
  12. This is not good.
  13. HOLY CR@P!!

    This isn't good at all!!

    Hope it all gets sorted out soon.

    And whats happening to the Netrider Tassie trip next January? :-s
  14. All will be revealed in the fullness of time, Grasshopper
  15. maybe it will just change to Tassie trip?
  16. yeah...TT (the peoples ride)

    I'm still bloody going. Gonna scrape off the rubber I left on Lake Leake Rd!!
  17. The Peoples Ride - I like that Cam!!

    I'm still bloody going too!! :D
  18. I for one will not be holding a stand at the Gold Coast next year. Nor will a number of the regular business stand owners that I talk to from expo to expo.

    Unless they move the expo back to Brissy next year, I suspect it was be a very small exhibitition for them.

    The numbers and traffic (people in the aisles) were pitiful this year
  19. It was quiet when I was there this morning Pink Angel, I assume it was the same over the 3 days??

    The morale of the majority of stall holders was very low.
    Out of the 2 hours I spent there wandering around and taking photos etc, I was only approached by 3 people working the displays and spoken to.

    As a salesperson I must say I was disappointed at the lack of enthusiasm from the people working there, sure there are a lot of people asking stupid questions and wasting time but if there is no effort put in by the people working the displays it certainly doesn't make it as enjoyable for the patrons either.

    Please don't take that as a attack on you either (don't even know what stall you were working at), this is just an observation.

    BTW out of the 3 people that did bother speaking to me, I did buy some leather conditioner from 1, which I hadn't intended on buying 8-[

    I too hope things are improved at next years show. :)