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Australian men are soft?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by suliman, May 7, 2008.

  1. Did anyone read this "news" article yesterday?

    A recent survey of 1000 Australian men on their blokey-ness shows the nation's iconically hard Aussie blokes are a dying breed.

    Only five per cent of all Australian men regularly play a game of football with their friends, almost 50 per cent admit it's been months since they tinkered with their car and shed ownership has dropped 27 per cent over the course of a generation.

    The survey's been commissioned by Kirks Brewed Ginger Beer, and its spokesman, rugby league legend Mal Meninga, is outraged by the findings.

    He's accused Aussie men of becoming a nation of pansies, and says they should be ashamed.

    Among the findings, over three-quarters polled agreed this generation of Aussie men are softer than the previous one.

    Cleansing with face wash is practiced by 44 per cent, and one per cent more uses moisturiser.

    Almost a third say they own an item of pink clothing.

    I'm interested to know people's reactions to this... Kirks Brewed Ginger Beer is hardly a leader in unbiased statistically sound scientific studies and Mal Meninga is not really my personal role model, but it's an interesting point for discussion.
  2. Well personally I don't give a rat's arse what anyone thinks about my lifestyle. They can blow me.
  3. Agreed Loz. Why would anyone care what Meninga thinks?
  4. LOL... you moderators crack me up... so you're saying the article is bogus and the definition of Australian men as soft is anachronistic?
  5. Interesting that Kirks Brewed Ginger Beer should be promoting in this manner ... I don't quite understand how this will lead to more people drinking that crap ....

    Probably it's just the one topic they chose, hopefully it will be controversial enough to get some airtime ?
  6. That's a really good point... my thinking is that "real men" (whoever this mysterious group are) are not drinking ginger beer... they are out getting hammered on real beer while getting into fights with their mates and pulling skanky hoes... and therefore would not be visiting the Ginger Beer website or participating in this study, and so, the results are a little skewed in the "soft" direction (again whoever these soft men are)...
  7. Hmm the old "buy our product or you're a poof" style of marketing.
    Haven't seen that used for a while, does tend to backfire rather heavily when people try it these days. Ford recently lost a lot of sales, particularly with women, with their "blokey" ute ads (and not just for utes but across their entire range).
  8. The results can be whatever they want it to be, it all depends on how they load the questions etc. They intentionally chose the topic - and a spokesperson who's demographic is as different from the results as you could find. It's a set-up, of course (like most of this stuff).

    Whether it works for them or not will probably depends on what else is happening newswise.
  9. Neither of us mods said anything of the sort. Perhaps your reading and comprehension skills are "soft"
  10. No, I don't think it's that one jd, the association is missing IMO.

    EDIT: Then again you could be right, but I don't see the association clearly enough ... not yet anyhow. This is probably only stage 1 of their campaign.
  11. I'll be right round . . . . oops, I mean, yeah I'm still a real Aussie bloke!

    Bugger, Poofter, Crikey!
  12. [/quote]Neither of us mods said anything of the sort. Perhaps your reading and comprehension skills are "soft"[/quote]

    Irony mate.
  13. No, I'm saying I don't give a rat's arse what anyone says about my lifestyle, and that they can blow me.
  14. What irony? Didn't see anything ironic. All I saw was someone putting words in my mouth. I can speak for myself and I reckon Loz did too. Neither of us give a damn what others think we are. Plain English.
  15. I thought this was going to be an interesting discussion into this product's marketing, but no, it's already gone the way most topics go .... why oh why?
  16. Ya'll should quit cha bitchin' and get back out in ya sheds and spin some spanners :p

    as my dad would say "gorn get"
  17. my experience is that aussie men ARE hard ... for up to at least a minute or two at a time :p
  18. Yes, I thought so too... it's kind of funny that a topic that started as a discussion about whether Aussie men are "soft" according to some survey conducted purely for marketing purposes has been somewhat hijacked by Aussie men trying to prove they are "hard".

    And the next person says...