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Australian HD Dealers ripping us off

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by emu, May 26, 2008.

  1. Do you think HD dealers in Australia are ripping us off ?

    NZ$31,050 = US$24,428 AU$32,250 = US$30,977 US$17,295 = AU$18,012
    NZ$31,050 = AU25,443 AU$32,250 = NZ39,401 US$17,295 = NZ$21,997

    In Christchurch, New Zealand, Rolling Thunder Motor Company are selling a 2008 Harley-Davidson FXCW Rocker for NZ$31,050 + ORC.

    In Dunedin, New Zealand, McIver & Veitch are selling an ex demo 2008 Harley-Davidson FXCW Rocker for NZ$31,050 + ORC.

    In Horsham, Victoria, Australia, Wimmera Motorcycle Company are selling a 2008 Harley-Davidson FXCW Rocker for AU$30,250 (+ ORC?).

    In Fyshwick, ACT, Australia, Robbo’s Harley Davidson & Buell are selling a 2008 Harley-Davidson FXCW Rocker for AU$32,350 ORC included.

    In Sydney, Australia, Sy’s Harley Davidson are selling a 2008 Harley-Davidson FXCW Rocker for AU$32,250 ORC included.

    In Glendale, California, Glendale Harley Davidson/Buell are selling a 2008 Harley-Davidson FXCW Rocker for US$17,295 + ORC.

    In Baldwin Park, California, Laidlaw’s Harley Davidson/Buell are selling a 2008 Harley-Davidson FXCW Rocker for US$17,295 + ORC.
  2. This has definitely come up at least 3 or 4 times before, so you might want to do a search.

    The general feeling seems to be that by the time you take into account the exchange rate (which fluctuates and isn't always as good for us as it is at the moment), plus freight, plus all the bollix to import and compliance bikes, plus the small market, plus duty and such... nah, they're really not ripping us off.
  3. The Dealer at Horsham is very good... buy it there and save yourself the 2 grand over the city shops :)
  4. +1000 Don't know what they're like for HD but bought my 250 2nd hand from there and the service was exceptional.
    If I was ever to buy a new Suzuki/Triumph/HD it'd be from them.

    Probably not much use to the OP though given their location.
  5. This has come up a lot lately, on Netrider a lot of bike magazines and stuff as well.

    I'm firmly of the belief that they won't shift bike prices much because, really, people will keep buying them at their current prices.
  6. Yeah, they keep selling people jaw-droppingly expensive bikes based on last century's technology, that don't go, stop, handle or last anywhere near as well as bikes that are a third of the price. It's as if Holden were still selling the FJ, priced to compete with the top mercedes, 50 years on. The real question is how much more of a joke can Harley pull on its customers before people stop fighting each other to throw their money at them.
  7. Just wait till they start manufacturing them under licence in China and then really start making some insane profits out of people.
  8. And when the Chinese start making H-Ds, the quality might improve :shock:
  9. abso-lutely.....spot on :twisted:
  10. You're only getting ripped off if you're silly enough to buy one! :p
  11. +1
    mine cost nothing :-w
  12. A bigger market will attract more aggressive pricing than a smaller market. The US is the largest consumer market in the world. Brands fight for market share and in doing so many companies make no profit out of the US market. They will instead make their profit from smaller markets in order to balance the books.

    Ie a company will sell to the US subsidiary at cost price. However the company will add $10k of margin when they sell to the Australian subsidiary to make up for the fact the US is giving them no profit. We then have distributors and retailers inflating the price in order to make any margin which will give us higher RRP's. In some products, the buy prices for subsidiaries is actually more than the overseas RRP so our market is doomed even from the first point of sale.

    I think some of you would be shocked at just how much money companies lose competing for sales in the US. Meanwhile the rest of us get to carry the burden :roll:
  13. >Yaaaaawn< Pardon..

    It's not the dealers, silly boy. It's supply and demand.

    Why shouldn't they charge what the market will stand?

    We live in a free market economy. Try Burma or some other socialist country like North Korea if you want a state-planned economy.

    >chuckle< I bet you don't, though - wonder why?

    Or move to USA - they could use all the help they can get.


    Trevor G
  14. I was on another forum earlier today(yes, there are other forums!) and a guy on there who is a prestige car salesman, had a customer buy him a 1098s as a gift!
    :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
  15. That's pretty much it. There's still mugs who buy them so why not charge them as much as they're prepared to pay? It's not any kind of monopoly - as pointed out, there are better, faster, more reliable and MUCH cheaper bikes on the market here. If you're stupid enough to still buy one then.... sucks to be you? :p
  16. people buy unnecessary expensive stuff all the time, it's just how we justify it to ourselves that makes the difference.
    some scoff at $1000 helmets, when a $300 one does just as good, some scoff at $2000 leathers, when $600 ones are just as good.
    we all buy for the name to some extent.
    explain to me why a*/dainese is worth what some of you gumbies pay for it?
    it's all relative.
  17. I am seriously speechless! WTF! I'm quitting my job tomorrow to start as a prestige car salesman! :grin: :grin:
  18. Australia taxes imported cars way higher than New Zealand, to protect the local car industry. Most used japanese cars cost between 1/4 to 1/2 what we pay.

    R34 Skyline in Australia- $24'000-65'000 for a nice one.
    NZ- $6'000-14'000 for the same car.

    I'm betting most of the price difference is due to tax.
  19. If your paying anything for a Harley you are getting ripped off :LOL:

    No but seriously. I'm sure they have contracts with HD America with fixed prices written up. Otherwise when the $AUS goes the other way they would be losing money.
  20. Agreed,

    A lot of the price difference with the US would be due to the decline in the US economy over the past ten years, and the increasingly favourable exchange rate. Obviously HD Australia have chosen not to drop prices accordingly because Australian customers have proven happy to keep paying more.