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Australian government

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by lord nykon, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. Today I got a rider safety thing in the mail it was a joke and a waste of money the government should be spending taxpayers money educating cages about bikes not telling bikers that they have to look out for cars on the road and have to were safety gear or they will get hurt if they fall off.

    Who else got one of these?

    [mod] how about a quick bit of education, for you. Click Here
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  2. Why do so many riders get hurt when they fall off? Partly because they are not wearing appropriate safety gear.
  3. I know that many riders are injured by not wearing correct safety gear

    But I still believe that the money could of been better spent…

    I had a dissection with my dads GF and she said that riders surprise her because when she’s driving she’s use to blocks and not bikes (car’s = blocks) I think this is the most dangerous thing I have ever herd and talking to other drives I have discovered that allot of people think like this so I personally believe that tax money would be better spent educating drivers not telling bikers that they could get hurt if they fall off with out protective gear. I think that even the stupidest morons that ride with out gear realise that if they fall off they will get hurt
  4. Mate, governments of all persuasions have spent millions on awareness campaigns aimed at drivers looking out for riders, and will continue to do so. But that doesn't alter the fact that a huge proportion of motorcycle accidents are caused by the rider and most of them are running off the road or into stationary objects. If a rider has a single vehicle accident, the government can't move the obstacle, or soften the road. That's where protective gear comes in; have you noticed how many people don't wear it???
  5. Yes I have noticed it (a lot of riders riding with little or no safety equipment) and I personally never go any where with out my gear on except maybe two min up to the shops when I ride in shorts but even then I still were my jacket and I know that a lot of accidents are caused by riders but a lot of that is inexperience.
    I am just saying I would like the tool in the hotted up commodore to have gotten a letter in the mail telling him to look out for people on bikes and not run me off the road while changing lanes then me get a letter where protective equipment so when he runs me off the road I end up with broken bones I don’t know any safety equipment that will save me from being pushed into a safety barrier.
  6. fat lot of good it's doing, they'd be better off spending it down the pub. No amount of "protective gear" is going to help if you hit a pole or other roadside furniture after some cager changes lanes on top of you or turns in front of you. Everyone that rides knows they should be wearing gear but some choose not to!
  7. Yes, but, I have to wonder how many of these offs are actually pre-empted by a car forcing the bike into a suboptimal position in the traffic.

    This could happen a considerable distance/time before the accident.

    The car driver, may very well be blissfully unaware of whats happened. :?
  8. Cows with guns were the most dangerous thing i've ever herded.
  9. Statistics from many contintents don't bear out that contention, I'm afraid. The sooner we shed our victim mentality and stop wiping ourselves out with stupid manoeuvres in places where it isn't appropriate the sooner we'll be able to apply the blowtorch to the motorists....
  10. G'day everyone,.....

    And then there were the 'Chickens in Choppers'

    That was such a cool song!!
    Can't find a copy of that anywhere,....

    Dr Who?
  11. psssst guys stay on topic.

    I'm thinking of changing the title cos it makes no sense with the content.
    How about government safety initiative?
  12. pffft next time just delete it, much easier :p

    i personally think we need a TV ad, such as was mentioned in another thread recently, the UK ad regarding keeping an eye out for bikes.

    i was about to go on about this ad more, but just realised ill do that in the relevant thread :grin:

    back on topic, no i didnt receive anything in the mail.... be glad the gov is actually doing SOMETHING i say.
  13. trying to upload pic's...

    but my net not woking cause of my sister useing my uploads :(

    but will post it as soon as i can
  14. *waits for everyone to impart their wisdom

  15. Well here's one.

    What is WRONG with ANYONE sending out a flyer like that???

    Again, it's only the classic victim mentality (and a touch of "motorcyclists are the only people who have a right to the road") that would cause riders to object to being told how THEY should keep themselves safe. :roll:

    So the Government should do the same thing for car drivers? What's the bet you want it ONLY to mention motorcyclists (which, as I have said, they have already spent millions doing), and to hell with cyclists, pedestrians, ladies with prams and Sudanese refugees??

    I'm sick of this anyway; some threads and people are resistant to common-sense. I'm off to beat up on the newbie who's whining about how many rules we have :rofl:.
  16. Well, that's got to be the biggest load of crap I've ever read.
    Emergency situations: You must have your licence on you when riding, it's the law.
    Cut back the risks: Where the hell do they get a figure of 84% at fault?
    Steering shakes: I was under the impression that the best way to get rid of the shakes is to accelerate then to pump the brakes back up (steering shakes can spread the brake calipers)
    there are quite a few other things I have problems with but couldn't be bothered to type it all out.
  17. links please or I'll call BS on this comment.

    I watched a mate get forced off the road by a drifter coming the other way on our side of the road, when the cops turned up they charged my mate with neg driving and said it was a SVA because he didn't believe the witness statements (being all bikers) and there was no evidence to show there was a car involved (other then the black marks on the road which he ignored)
  18. shouldn't that be "WE should keep ourselves safe", or don't you consider yourself one of us?

    Yes they should and it would mention that taking on the phone, putting on lippy, reading the paper, shaving, drinking coffee, watching DVDs, yelling at the kids, etc, etc, etc can effect their driving and concentration on the road and cause problems for other road users, be they pedestrians, riders or grandpa on his shopping scooter.

    and others swallow the party line hook, line and sinker