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Australian Fuel Warning (98 Octane BP Fuel)

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Justin Stacks, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. Guys beware with 98 Octane BP fuel...

    From another forum:

    BP fuel 98 in particular has changed. They changed the additives in the formula and it seems to create some problems for certain bikes and high performance cars like porsche.

    I had 7 bikes in total that came in with complains that the bike lost power and a lot of soot formed around the exhaust end. I have contacted BP yesterday and they are aware of the problem. Will let you know once I have more info.

  2. That's interesting. Unrelated maybe, I noticed I only got 420km out of the last tank of BP Ultimate I used in my XR6 Turbo. I usually get around the 500km mark. No change in driving style as far as I know,
  3. Well that is terrifying...
    I have always thought that BP 98oct was the only "Safe" choice....

    Well.... The hell should I be putting in my bike?!?
  4. Straight from the petro chem guys at Ampol/Caltex, cleanest
    fuel is 7/11...Yes, 7/11 for 95 or 98 and good for Krispy Kreme doughnuts.
    Caltex for 95, 98 & diesel
    Shell for E10 & diesel and Maccas
    BP for diesel and Hungry Jacks
  5. Just curious , not having a go , where does this BP Ultimate 98 obsession come from ? (I have a mate that's the same) . I know Shell has had issues with the old Optimax 98 , don't know how their V Power 98 is . What about Caltex Vortex 98 ?
  6. Ditto.
    320kms/my bike tank as opposed to the usual 400ish. Was confused, cuz haven't changed riding "style" that I know of.
  7. this might explain the large cloud of grey smoke sighted when i overtook some one yesterday
  8. You now what, honestly, I don't know... I just remember a few years ago being told - only buy BP 98oct. Kinda just stuck with me an turned into a religion....

    I've also been told to never touch shells 98oct, cause it sets hard like jelly or some bull shit.... I dunno, I'm not a petrochem engineer. :p

    (Plus, green is the best colour out of all the stations. :p )
  9. What about stanard ULP?
  10. Any idea why 7/11 gets good fuel? Would have thought it would be bottom dollar to keep prices down?
  11. It's the old Mobil.
  12. Nah, I think that came from your rear tyre as you were exiting the corner:D
  13. I'm not sure...someone mentioned it the other forum

    However, I was also a devout follower of the BP 98 religion.

    Now I have to convert
  14. BP's LPG has been all over the place as well. The Lambda reading changes just about every fill.
  15. I run v-power in all my bikes. I usually buy fuel from the busiest fuel station in town just happens to be shell. Guaranteed to have constant new supply of fresh fuel
  16. Are you sure your trousers were done up right,that's were i would be looking,and are you sure it was smoke.
  17. I pretty much agree with those fuel reports
    It has been known for a while about shell 98,try and avoid it
    Have been using Caltex and BP 95 no other,that's my bike and 2 cars
    no problems recorded.
    True about 7/11 ( ex Mobil)
  18. Damn, my race bike was tuned on Ultimate so I've always stuck with that. Time to try something else
  19. Never had a drama with shell fuel. Always used to use BP ultimate but started to get said exhaust blackening. Changed and won't go back.