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Australian flag (Helmets, Paint, Decals)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by mr_sikma, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. Hey,

    Has anyone got a helemet or bike with the Australian Flag or Southern Cross design etc?

    I seen one of the race car drivers had a helmet with the design, but i guess it was custom.



  2. I think one of the troy corser or bayliss?? replica helmets have the aussie flag on it.

    Or you could get a white helmet and have someone airbrush it on for you.
  3. I had and still ahve agv Q3 pro Corser, thats got the aussie flag on it but is pretty old now. The suomy corser had the flag on it as well, not as obvious, but thats getting pretty old now aswell.
    Bayliss new suomy extreme helmet might have the aussie flag on it, I think.
    Heres some pics of the older corsers
  4. Yep. I just bought a decal for it. Can't remember the link though.
  5. Nice looking helmets :)

    wouldnt mind just a red, white and blue coloured one with the flag incorporated into it!
  6. The Doohan helmet is red/white blue and has the flag incorporated into it.
    Arai Quantum 2 Doohan Reggae.
  7. just did a quick dearch for the Doohan helmet and nothing comes up in aus, but overseas it does.

    just searching it in ebay now!
  8. Arai- Astro R Doohan/Reggae Helmet



  9. i reckon Troy Bayliss's is the best, got the southern cross and is green and gold.
  10. decals available

    There is an aussie co you can visit at www.cyclegraphics.com.au who have some options I saw at the last Sydney Bike Show.
  11. Nolan do the N61 in i think Bayliss scheme