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Australia: The greatest place to ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Naked6, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. Australia is the greatest place to ride... because when you get it wrong you fall off into the sky which doesn't hurt. I know anyone from the northern hemisphere won't believe this, but you only have to look at a globe to see it's true.

  2. Ha ! Amusing . Recommend you don't test this theory out then .
  3. There are no straight roads in Tasmania ... jus' saying :)
  4. We do have a lot going for us so I would say one of the greatest locations.

    If only .... I swear as you get older the ground get harder

  5. My collarbone, head and hip would have to disagree with you, OP
  6. Falling into the sky is all good but when gravity does its evil business the landing is not much fun
  7. ....and one lap is a bloody long way!!:)
  8. Nice way to spend a week, though.
  9. The trick to flying is throwing yourself at the ground... and missing. (Great concept from Douglas Adams.) ...ya just gotta learn how to miss.

  10. Yeah, there are. There's this bit just down from my place. It'd be...geez....I reckon a good 10, maybe 15 metres long? Perfectly straight. Dunno how they let it happen.
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  11. Yeah, but it probably has a vertical curve over it.....
  12. DAMMIT! I forgot about the curvature of the earth, you're right.

    Okay, I admit it - there are no straight roads. They are all scooter riders.
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  13. You're in luck Tas man. Did you know that the shortest distance between two points in space is not a straight line? Its called a geodesic! And I bet you're now saying how great it is being a Netrider because you learn a lot of really really useful stuff!

    Another one, if you escaped the island and lapped around Australia (don't do it on a Harley, they don't do "around" anything) and you did it clockwise, how much sooner would you arrive at the start point than if you did it anticlockwise? .......that'll keep you awake at night won't it?(y)
  14. I'll bite............ You'd arrive at the start point at the same time.

    At a guess I'd say that an anti-clockwise run would take a fraction less time than a clockwise one, so you would return to the start point slightly earlier anti-clockwise.
  15. Close enough, OX. The difference in distance is about 20 metres. Using the formula for the circumference of a circle, (even though it is in the shape of Australia) of circumference = 2*pi* radius of a circle, pi being 3.1', (c=2*pi*r), the only thing that varies is the radius, either on the inside or outside of the road, and the difference in radii is about 3 meters. no matter how big the circle, one radius is constantly about 3 meters bigger than the other.

    Same answer going around Tassie, although yup may not have Uncle Greg with you there.....
  16. Oh dear, after reading these posts, my brain is starting to hurt.
    Time for a stubbie of medicine.
  17. I'm inviting myself over with a 6 pack of medicine. I'll come the anti-clockwise way because it is shorter......