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Australia Post...what a fcuking joke

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by mike8863, Sep 18, 2014.

  1. read on....These 'delivery' drivers can get off their arse to go to a front door if they can drive up to it, but they can't get off there arse to open a gate....what a joke aus post is

    What an absolutely pathetic piss poor excuse ....

    On 18/09/2014 10:56 AM, Australia Post wrote:


    Please find attached a summary of your enquiry details below.

    If you require further assistance with your enquiry, please respond to this email at your earliest convenience.

    Thank you for contacting Australia Post.

    The last 2 eparcel deliveries from Australia Post... QUP0258467010229 QUP0279040...
    Discussion Thread
    Response Via Email (Ken P)
    18/09/2014 10.56 AM
    Good morning Mike,

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us about the parcel delivery issues you're having. I can certainly help you with some more information about this.

    Mike, according to the scans on our system, the drivers were unable to gain access. Due to Occupational Health and Safety procedures, drivers do not open gates to enter a property. They will leave a collection card.

    Thanks again for your email and don't hesitate to let me know if you have any further questions about this or any other postal matter.

    Kind regards,

    Ken P
    Customer Service Consultant - Online
    Customer Sales & Service

    Australia Post
    GPO Box 9911 In Your Capital City
    T 13 POST | F 1300 115 651

    7/09/2014 03.29 PM

    Customer By Web Form (Mike ) 17/09/2014 03.29 PM
    The last 2 eparcel deliveries from Australia Post...

    With regard to the delivery of these parcels, in both cases your delivery person made no attempt to actually deliver these parcels.
    In the first case I watched as the delivery driver simply sttopped at the gate and place a card in the letter box, and again in the second case today I was home awaiting this parcel and again no attempt was made to actually deliver the parcel, again just drop a card in the letterbox and off they went..

  2. Why is the gate shut?

    How do they know you don't have a tiger in your yard? If they open the gate they might get eaten.
  3. If you think about it a closed gate says "stay out" or "enter at own risk", so why would they enter?
  4. LOL, you expect parcel delivery from a parcel delivery service.
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  5. Australia Post are not the only ones though, I just had delivery coming with Fastway and I know for a fact their courier just dropped the card and never bothered to actually ring the doorbell (because I was at home the whole time and my doorbell is LOUD). I suspect they are just setting impossible performance targets for their drivers and these days Aust Post is no better than private companies.
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  6. This happened to me and I went to Australia Post to get it and had a whinge at them about it. They told me to raise it as a complaint as they use contractors and the contractors aren't allowed to just drop the card in. But as they say, they can't open gates to get onto your property. Leave your gate open if you are expecting mail.

    At my new house they always ring the doorbell. Yesterday me and the dude got chatting about how he really wants heated grips on his postie bike :)
  7. FFS...its a farm.....a wire farm gate...not fort knox or the local outlaw headquarters/police station style fortification.

    BTW the only sign on the gate is an insurance co giveaway saying " shut the gate - avoid wandering stock"
  8. They use contractors in a rural area that don't understand the concept of a farm gate and what might be contained therein???


    Sounds like city rules being applied without any commonsense in a rural setting.
  9. At least Australia post delivery to your farm. We don't get any delivery, have to have a post office box. Most online purchases won't go to a PO box, so they have to go to the workplace.
  10. my Auspost parcel delivery contractor just drops the parcels over the fence into the garden... not ideal when it's raining..
    I'd love them to leave a card :D
  11. I haven't heard of that rule before, might be different for out of town deliveries though.
  12. Living in a smaller town, (12000 people) and knowing the staff at the local PO, if I am not at home when parcel is delivered, staff will drop by after hours when they know I will be at home, and hand deliver said articles. woot!.
  13. I hope there not non reflective dude