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Australia Post introduces new postie bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kernel, Jul 18, 2013.

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    Australia Post has introduced a customised version of the 2013 Honda Super Cub to their fleet.
    The Super Cub has a larger carrying capacity, higher rider comfort with the wider seat and weather protection, a white and pale green color scheme and all new instrumentation compared to the venerable Honda CT110.
    Fuel injection and updated engine technology is set to reduce running costs and increase the service life of the new fleet vehicle.
    The CT110 will be gradually phased out of use and the Super Cub is to completely replace the fleet by the time the last in-service CT110 has reached its prescribed 26,000 kilometer service life.

    Update: Pics of the new fleet vehicle


    These are sure to be a popular grab at the auctions, what more could you ask for in the ultimate commuter motorcycle, except maybe a bit of power lol.

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  2. What say it isn't so...... :overreact:
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  3. Are you takin' da puss?
  4. never happened
  5. And they're fluro green. Blugh.
  6. More like this?

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  7. It's true, have seen one buzzing around in Belgrave (thought it just had white wind protectors attached) and confirmed they do exist by seeing one parked on Lonsdale Street in Dandenong. They are very different to the CT110, they are also quite different to the normal model of Super Cub. What I don't remember is whether or not they have disc brakes.
  8. Sorta like this?
  9. Thats it I saw one today, thought it was just a modified postie!
  10. Looks interesting. Seems to combine the better aspects of the CT (proper forks and, hopefully, a 4-speed box) with the useful bits of the Mighty Step-Thru (the legshields and the classic styling, basically). I'd have one :D.
  11. PatB bloody oath, first ones to hit the auctions and I'm grabbing one to freshen up and use as bloody cheap legal transport.
    Arlennn yeah that'd have to be it. Where'd you get that picture?
  12. Just googled "auspost super cub" and there was a thread about it on advrider
  13. 26,000 km service life? are they serious?

    fcuking no wonder auspost is broke and a failure, jesus how often do they replace their transport fleet if they only keep posties for 6 months or so. a postie could do double or triple that easy.
  14. Spoke to the local postie and he said that their getting new models in.
  15. The new bikes are to be rolled out once the current stash of new existing CT110's are used up.

    26,000km or about 3 years has been the average service life of the current bikes. Not sure yet what they expect from the new model.
  16. maybe they shud try changing the oil .they might just
    go further.
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    I'd like to know why you consider Australia Post to be broke and a failure.
    In my eyes, they're not broke and they're certainly not a failure, they're the most reliable and expansive delivery service in the country.
    On top of that, yes a postie could do double or triple that, but with the way they get flogged around carrying heavy loads on the postie runs, they're pretty rooted by that 26,000km/3 years and that's just the average service life they have deemed through many years of experience. Maybe they tend not to be quick enough to keep up with the route after 26,000 kays of hard flogging.
    Also, the 'they' in the original post is me as I pulled the 26,000 figure out of my memory, I didn't pull this article anywhere out of the Internet.

    OP has been updated with pics and a little extra comment.

  18. Are you joking? Auspost has major efficiency issues as well as revenue issues, they have had to lay off huge amounts of staff and close many post offices to stay afloat recently and the government is considering privatisation in the future.
    here is a recent news article and some quotes from behind the paywall

    "Mail volumes peaked in 2008 and since then letter volumes have fallen 20 per cent, leaving a $190 million black hole in the company's $5.1 billion revenue that has reduced profits to just $281 million.
    "The board sat down with me and said: 'We are a 200-year-old business and we are potentially facing extinction. Our core mail business is dying and we need to reinvent ourselves.' ""

    They are in a bit of a situation...