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Australia Only Upgraded Aprilia Tuono

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Jem, May 8, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    John Sample group has announced an Australian Upgrade to the Tuono


    Australia has developed a special edition Aprilia Tuono V4 R APRC ABS with Ohlins suspension and a suite of additional factory accessory upgrades.

    [​IMG]Kris Matich, general manager of John Sample Automotive, Australian importers of Aprilia motorcycles and scooters, says the Special Edition will satisfy a long-held consumer demand. “Since the release of the Tuono in 2011 we have received many requests for the Factory version fitted with Ohlins suspension but Aprilia has still not produced the bike. Following the success of the RSV4 Carbon Limited Edition in 2012, JSA decided to create this special edition Tuono here in Australia. The project uses the exact same Ohlins suspension as is fitted to the RSV4 Factory and the assembly of the components is being supervised by Marco Bellamonte a former Aprilia technician who joined JSA in January this year.”

    The special edition Aprilia Tuono will be priced at $26,990 plus on-road costs with an estimated ride away price of $28,990, depending on state. That’s $3,500 more than the “standard” model, but it includes Ohlins front suspension, steering damper and rear shock absorber. It also gets carbon front guard, rear hugger, under seat panels and carbon tank cover. While it comes with the standard seat, you also get an RSV4 tail fairing and seat, plus special edition graphics and plate. If you totalled up these factory accessories it would cost you more than $6000, so that’s a saving of $2500.

    There will only be a limited number of these special edition bikes produced and they will come in both matt white and matt black.
  2. To shoot the designer that hit it with an ugly stick?
  3. upgrade bike @Jem@Jem after the shiver?
  4. Not yet I reckon I will have the Shiver for at least 3 more years, it is still way more bike than I am capable of pushing
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  5. At 250kg+ I wouldn't want to push mine, either...
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  6. To be fair, is there a super naked that's not butt-ugly ?
  7. 1290_Superduke2small. Goes OK, too.
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  8. Sorry, that's ugly too.
  9. No need for apologies; it's not your fault. They're the eyes you were born with8-|
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  10. Weird putting the rsv4 ass on it..... Aside from that, you can pick the difference between the ohlins and Sachs bits if your used to the bike, but I don't think it would make much difference if you weren't. The stock tuono is awesome. I wonder if they started with a tuono or rsv4 to build these?
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