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Australia: No residency for boy with Down syndrome

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by twainharte, Nov 1, 2008.

  1. nice! a big FCUK you to our immigration system.

  2. pathetic I say..

    Not the he deserves special attention BUT he is a doctor in a small town...

    Give the guy and our FCUKED health care system a break :(

    FCUKING bureaucracy at its finest
  3. Yet international students that barely speak English are welcomed with open arms...
  4. This is ridiculous. My mum used to work as a locum doctor to give some temporary relief to the "one man band" doctors in small country towns.

    This meant living out of a suitcase hopping from town to town, and being on call 24/7. It eventually got too much, and she went back to the city (Geelong/Winchelsea)

    Any doctor who is offering to work out in the country should be hugely rewarded...........
  5. This shits me!

    He can't stay, a reputable doctor, family man etc, but we let in a truck load of Sudanese knife carrying hoods and dump them all in the same suburb so they can take over rather than intergrate with locals...... :evil:
  6. shameful
  7. Is that meant to be funny?
  8. Hope not, cos it ain't.
  9. Yeah, the governemt has no trouble paying the lower classes way with bonus this and support that, but when someone WE need comes along all of a sudden we dont have space for one more person on medicare.
  10. International full fee paying students that is.
    they then have to leave.
    Nice blanket statement though.

    Triway +1
  11. International students who can barely speak a word of Inglich or whinge about how they don't get the $6k tax-free threshold don't bother me nearly as much as people with similar linguistic shortcomings and foreign extraction down at the Centrelink office collecting benefits that come out of my god-damn taxes.

    As far as the doctor is concerned, I think a commitment by him to work in rural Victoria for at least 10yrs is a fair trade for the state paying any future disability benefits that his child may require. I mean, we need all the German doctors we can get, not these second rate doctors we seem to be sourcing from more geographically proximate countries like India.

    And in mentioning Germany, I'd like to point out that you can't stay in that country for any longer than a holiday unless you agree to take compulsory German lessons. This means *all* their international students are *forced* to learn the national language as a condition of their visas. Bloody brilliant idea, IMO.

  12. Good health would have to be a serious requirement for an immigration application. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that IMHO.

    So this application would then have to be considered on compassionate grounds or on some 'offset' value in the applicants profession. Which is fair enough but perhaps this was taken into consideration by people who we pay to see all of these applications? Could you imagine if every single rejected application made headlines?

    This family are perhaps lucky to have received this media attention and I hope that their application is approved. But that doesn't mean that I want every application for immigration to be made by the heart.

    My 2c
  13. We don't have to rationalise this one on matters of the heart. We can rationalise it on pure economic terms - far cheaper to get a skilled German doctor to practice in rural areas and give his son disability benefits than to pay and incentivise a skilled Aussie doctor to relocate to the bush. We can also rationalise it on pure social benefit - we need to keep doctors who are happily working in rural areas rather than losing them over what are comparatively minor immigration issues since they're already living here.
  14. This should be accepted on purely financial or "required" grounds.

    Benefit of having a well liked and good doctor vs. the cost of a high functioning kid who barely has down syndrome. Easy.

    My grandpa came here before the white Australia policy because Australia had no professors in nuclear physics. Rules do get bent based on need and usually it's mutually beneficial.

    I hope this Doc is allowed to stay.
  15. "sorry kid YOU'RE a retard, you can't come in!"

    do wonders for his confidence to be part of society.

    shame. real shame.
  16. I had to take German lessons in Grade 2 over there! While the rest of the class took English lessons :grin:
  17. Hopefully you were able to provide some guidance on pronunciation issues :grin:

    It's maaaaate, mate! And there's no 'z' in the word 'the' :LOL:

    Do Kangaroos bounce down the street in the morning? Jawohl mein Herr! :LOL:
  18. I support the decision.

    From a purely cold, logical viewpoint, we're fcuking up our genepool as a species proper, let alone as a country.

    I beleive thats part of the reason people with illness, disability, etc are generally denied. That, adn the cost to the community.
  19. I'm sorry but to me that is a very narrow minded view. Doctors tend to share a rare trait of intelligence and compassion where ever they are from. Just because somebody got there degree at Dehli doesn't make them a backyard shonky witchdoctor.